April 1, 2017
By Yixuan Wu BRONZE, Shenzhen, Other
Yixuan Wu BRONZE, Shenzhen, Other
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My name is Barbara Smith. About a hundred years ago, my grandparents arrived in the North America and started their new lives. For more than a hundred years, me, and all North Americans, never faltered in our pursuit of freedom. But it was never enough, as the British never stopped oppressing us.

My husband, Sam Smith, is a man who is longing for freedom and peace. His colleagues recently are planning for a rebellion to show their dissatisfaction with Tea Act, and he told me he would join them.

Back in 1765, the Parliament passed a Stamp Act in order to levy more taxes from us. Many colonies started to resist. Finally, they decided to abolish this insane Act. However, in 1767, they promulgated a more nonsensical Act: the Townshend Acts, which enabled the British Army to plunder from us. It was not fair, I mean, they can’t rob from us to pay for their deficits. Many people resisted again, so the British government dispatched large amounts of new recruits to oppress us. However, those recruits had no idea of what was discipline, and that was the start of my nightmare.

It was a horrible day. Sam went to work in the early morning and I stayed at home to do some housework. Suddenly, some British soldiers broke in and said they wanted to search my house. I was afraid but I had to let them in. They grabbed what they saw and destroyed everything which they could not take with them. My kids were threatened to death, and they kept crying and asking me what they were doing.

“No!” I shouted to them, “You can't do that. This is my house and you can't do whatever you want!”
My words infuriated them. Two of them came straight at me with their rifle pointed at my throat and my children. They threatened me if I didn’t follow their instructions, they would kill my children. I was so afraid that I could not even think rationally. And the only thing I could do was to follow their instructions and bear their ravages. They tied me on the bed and tore off my dress. And the thing happened next was my lifetime nightmare…

I thought Sam would be mad at me and abandoned me after that thing happened. But he didn’t do that. What he did was to comfort me and encourage me to continue living and face the past. He promised me he would seek revenge for me.

I know Sam attended a local rebellion party, but he didn’t want to tell me more about it. But I had already heard a little bit. Their leader, I guessed his name was Samuel Adams, always came by and talked to Sam. Since that day, Sam was always depressed and avoided conversations with other people. But when the time Mr. Adams came, I saw a smile and confidence which had never appeared on Sam’s face. They didn’t allow me to hear their talk, so usually I would take my kids to the fair. However, one day, I came back from the fair earlier than usual, and I heard their conversation. They decided to sneak into a cargo ship and destroy the cargo. The ship would arrive soon. I was totally shocked. I didn’t know what to do.

That evening when we were having dinner, I saw the determination on Sam’s face. As his wife, I really didn’t know what to do now. I’m really afraid.

The next morning, as Sam was going to work, he was really excited. “Barbara, life will be wonderful,” he said to me. And I know something was about to happen, and I hope God would bless Sam and keep him safe.

The author's comments:

This story is some background information that I created fot the Boston Tea Party:)

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