The Man Behind the Wars

March 31, 2017
By Cecilia.D SILVER, Ellicott City, Maryland
Cecilia.D SILVER, Ellicott City, Maryland
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I woke up sweating, salty water dripping over my brow and into my eye.

“What's wrong? Is everything okay? Are you okay?” Eva came bursting in questioning me. She was young, 17 at the time, with her pale porcelain features framed by golden brown locks. “I heard you scream, are you alright?” She was worried, clearly, and anxious, understandably.

“Fine dear, I am fine.” The year was 1929, and I was near 40, yet she still saw the youth in me. She knew my parts that made my whole. “Come here,” I whispered. She came, kneeling on the floor next to my bed, I tucked her curls behind her ear, and she smiled in response. We had not known each other for long, but she knew me. She was the key to understanding myself. “it was just one of those dreams.”

“Dreams would not be the word I would use to describe your visions,” she replied. Eva didn't comprehend the past I had witnessed, for she was too young to remember that time. The propaganda that flooded the streets, new signs promoting the war anywhere and everywhere you looked. The Central Powers against the Allies, all countries pushing nationalism and imperialism down every citizen's throat. Each claiming to be the best and therefore worthy of world domination. Alliances forming left and right, Italy and Germany, Britain and France. All this trouble in an attempt to prove our strength, just to come out poorer and weaker than before. The Treaty of Versailles from the Paris Peace Conference brought each Central power down, in an attempt to raise Britain and France. Not many were happy with that. We never quite knew what we were fighting for. More power? More land? Independence? All of the above? We went in blind. Like mind controlled warriors. Maybe that's because we were. Well, they were.

I was young when I discovered what I could do. I had dreams of bombs and war, and years later I saw them all come to life. I watched as trench warfare began. I watched as it ended. I saw the Battle of Verdun and the Battle of Somme years before they happened. I knew who was going to win, I knew how the battles were going to end. People didn't believe me, but I saw it. I saw it in my head. Little ten year old me, seeing thousands of men, British and German, dying on these battlefields.

During the first World War I realized what my abilities truly meant. I had control over anything and everything that happened, and I began becoming greedy. I saw what needed to happen to help Germany avoid democracy and capitalism, the two causes of an eventual fall of a country. Democracy and capitalism give individuals that have no clue of their impact too much power. Democracy would allow people to make inadequate decisions for the country, as they do not know what I know. Due to my abilities to see the terrible truth in people I started out as a socialist and a fascist, believing that major industries must be owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies. And that a dictator, one who can see as much as I can, or perhaps myself, needs to be in charge of the country to make the needed changes. Although I could see that people were dreadful creatures, I also saw that they had a chance of improving with reform. I watched Mussolini take his turn in 1922, controlling Italy. Despite the correct idea, he could not see what would happen, and he could not be successful. You might ask, if I had all this power I claim to have, why didn’t I save Germany from the tragic loss of World War I? It was all a part of my plan. We needed to lose to take on the war that was to come. Following that loss, the country of Germany was in shambles, they needed new ideas and a new person to come into control. I worked my way up with new ideas and concepts to save our country that was currently angered and suffering. The League of Nations could do little to prevent what was to come, despite appeasing my every command. I continued to demand more and more until they could no longer provide what was necessary to avoid a second war. I knew that with the Nazis running a totalitarian government that controlled the entire world, I could finally fix the wrongs on Earth. I just needed more power.
I guess at this point I began to lose my clarity. I took over Germany in the 1930s and started the Holocaust, to spite  my family. When I was younger, having those visions, my jewish grandmother was put in charge of caring for me. She tortured me, not letting me sleep for days, restricting food, hanging me from my feet, all in an attempt to cleanse my soul, to stop my dreams. This torture I was put through caused my hatred of all people like my grandmother, all jews. This was the start of my downfall, my blindness. Once I rose to power I no longer had the visions. They vanished, so I had to follow my gut rather than my mind. I knew I needed to start a war, a war that would win Germany the world. I invaded Poland  to prove the strength of my forces, and create a tension throughout Europe. I created the Axis Powers, myself, Japan, and Italy, primarily, and went to work. France surrendered quickly after our attacks, the Surrender of France was the first big success that put us into business. Then I started the Battle of Britain, a battle fought entirely by air. It was us against the Royal Air Force. Around then my visions returned. I foresaw us losing this battle, so I pulled out, letting them win without too much devastation to my people, but slowly enough that it would not raise suspicions. Winston Churchill took this success as more important than I had anticipated, his doubts to his country’s abilities were becoming less substantial than they had previously been. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, at my request, to stop the United States from joining Great Britain’s efforts, but this was not as successful as I had foreseen, and it in fact lead to the United States joining The Big Three. This alliance was composed of Britain’s Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, the United States President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the leader of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin. Despite the painful end I could see, Eva, my beautiful Eva, swore to stand by my side. We both knew what was to come and we began to plan our way out.

“How about we just run away, don’t tell a single soul where we are going, and never come back?” She so innocently suggested. I smiled. Every vision I had contained a worse ending than the one prior. The end was becoming clearer and our plan to escape together formed. We would disappear two weeks after my fifty-sixth birthday. There would be no trace of me or Eva, and Germany would finish the war without my leadership.
I realized my wrongdoings around this time, I recognized all the mistakes I had made and how, despite my best interests, the power got to my head. Suddenly I was depressed, and Eva recognized it. My guilt made me question if running away was the right option, or if I needed to stand for my country and take the punishment I deserve. Eva was hurt. I had promised her the world, and we ended up with targets on our backs and less than we had started with. To show my love for her we were wed.

Today is April 30th 1945, less than two days into our marriage, and I am sitting here in a room with my beautiful wife, who is lying lifeless on the floor. We had a plan. We were going to leave, but my regrets had ruined her faith in me. Everything was prepared, we were wed, my will was written, and all necessary arrangements had been made. She couldn’t wait those last four days for us to leave, as she had no faith that we truly would in the end. She ended her life only days before our freedom. My beautiful Eva killed herself only minutes before my arrival. I saw the paper and the gun sitting by the table and I knew that I had to tell you the truth. I, Adolf Hitler, am the man behind the wars. I am the reason so many of your friends and relatives had to die. I am the reason Eva ended her life so soon. I caused all of this, and in an attempt to make up for the trouble I have caused, I will take this gun and send a bullet through my head.

My sincerest apologies,
Adolfus Hitler

The author's comments:

I wrote this a year ago for a History project. Although this strikes emotion in some, and I am in no way justifying his actions, it is interesting and important to look at another (in this case fictitious) perspective. 

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