Mary's Man

March 31, 2017
By Solana123456789 BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
Solana123456789 BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
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“He is so handsome, I want him to be mine, said Nancy Hart to herself while she watched Mary and William talked when they first met.” I’m sorry! I didn't see you there. Are you a soldier?asked Mary. “Just a barber. My name’s William Hays. I'm here to see the general,” replied William.

William and Mary walked into the general's house he was waiting for them. “Hello good friend” General Irvine started, “how have you been?” William replied “ Good, terrific actually! I've been thinking about going into the army to join you.”

Meanwhile Nancy was in the bushes listening to the whole conversation. “The army!” She repeated. “That is way too dangerous for him, he needs to stick to being a barber.” She quickly ran out of the bushes when she heard General Irvine tell Mary to open the windows. She found herself in the backyard of his house, with his dog.

“What is that dumb dog barking at now? He does this everyday. Mary could you please che-.” But before he could finish Mary already had gone to see what the dog was barking at.”General Irvine an intruder an intruder!” She screamed as she saw Nancy start to run away.” Hurry, he is starting to escape!” Mary continued to yell. But the General came too late she just finished climbing over the gate.

”When I find who that was he is going to regret trying to rob me.” But Mary discovered something shocking.”Sir I don't think it was a male, but in fact a female” The general was very shocked when Mary showed him a piece of her hair. Then he was walking around the backyard and saw a little bracelet that said”Nancy” on it.

Two months later Mary was walking from getting groceries of her and her new husband William when she saw a “poor woman injured”. Her being an experienced nurse she went over to her to ask her what was wrong. But before she could saw anything the woman said” now”, before Mary could turn around to see what she was talking about someone put a cloth to her mouth and she was trying to fight but eventually she passed out.

“Where am I? What happened to me? Why am I here? Why am I tied to a chair?” Mary was asking a young woman.” You look very familiar, have we met?” The woman was staying silent. Then it hit Mary, “You were the lady who was trying to break in the general's house.” Finally the lady responded to her, “ yes you are very much correct. My name is Nancy, Nancy Hart. I want your husband William.” “No you can't have him he married me and only me!” Mary yelled at her. Nancy walked out at the sound of Mary crying. She eventually cried herself to sleep.

When Mary woke up the daylight was just rising.She felt her hands at her side and her legs undone. She was a bit confused but she took it as granted and ran to a nearby window and started to bang on it with a lamp. Since she unplugged the lamp it was pitch black and she heard footsteps coming but before that person could open the door Mary was gone.

Two week later she found herself recovering from starvation and Nancy Hart in jail for kidnapping. She is happy at home with her Husband William and a baby on the way in her house in safety and security.

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