Capture of Fort Ticonderoga

March 31, 2017
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“Everyone one gather up by the field right now” ordered George Washington. When they all got there, George Washington said, “I need a brave individual to go to Fort Ticonderoga with Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys”. There was a silence in the crowd, but out of nowhere Benedict Arnold says, “ I would like to volunteer to go”. Then George Washington replied “ It’s settled Benedict will go and seize the Fort”.

While Benedict Arnold was getting ready for the dangerous trip he heard something moving and a closer look outside and saw a bunch of bushes moving. He looked closely and saw a pack of bears at the entrance of the camp. Benedict Arnold yelled, “We have bear meat for dinner tonight boys”. Benedict Arnold noticed he didn't have his musket and yelled, “ I need some backup”. The bears started to charge at the camp. In a flash of an eye the bears destroyed two huts and ate the precious food. Luckily a few soldiers came quickly, but the bears charged at them and two soldiers flew to the ground. Finally the soldiers standing shot them and killed the bears.

The one soldier said, “Good luck on your crazy mission” and Benedict Arnold replied, “Thanks”. Thirty minutes later Benedict Arnold met with Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys. They set up camp by an open area with woods surrounded by it. Everyone gathered up by the huge campfire. Ethan Allen said, “Everyone get your things ready we will head out at first light”.

Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold, and the leaders from the mountain boys met up in the biggest tent to plan the strategy. They talked for while and Ethan Allen concluded, “ We will stay away from the Fort by about 700 to 800 meters and attack at night”. The sun finally came up. Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen went around camp and said, “ Hurry up people we are leaving in 5 minutes”. After everyone got ready and into their position they left.

After about two to three hours Benedict Arnold heard and saw movement by the trees. Benedict Arnold  then whispered, “Watch out for any strange movements around you”. Benedict Arnold and the soldiers next to him saw red near the bushes. Quietly the soldiers tiptoed toward the mysterious thing behind the bushes.

Suddenly a guy started to run away and they noticed it was a red coat. Then Benedict Arnold screamed, “Everyone split in two and surround so he won’t escape”. The redcoat ran like he ran in a marathon. Luckily two of the soldiers caught him after he tripped over a huge branch.

After he bought the redcoat spy to Ethan Allen, and Benedict Arnold. Benedict Arnold asked, “Where are the guards at night at Fort Ticonderoga and what time does everyone go to sleep”. The redcoat replied, “I don't know what your are talking about and I did not come from Fort Ticonderoga” and Benedict Arnold said, “You're lying because if you are not from this area then why are you here”.

Then one the soldiers came and cut the redcoats pinky off. The redcoat yelled, “I'll tell you just don't hurt me!!!”. The redcoat told the commanding officers Benedict Arnold, and Ethan Allen that the British go to sleep at ten o'clock and the guards take a twenty minute break at 10:30. So then Ethan Allen told the soldiers that we will take the guards first and then continue to the rooms.

It was 9:50 and the soldiers were getting into their positions. After they saw the guards leave their stand Benedict Arnold and his group went toward the guard. There were about 10 soldiers. Luckily the soldiers were facing the other way. Suddenly Benedict Arnold and other soldiers came behind them stabbed in their back or snapped their neck.

One of the Green Mountain boys noticed there were only nine British soldiers. So he told everyone to hide. When the soldier came out he was shocked and said, “ What in world happened!!!”.The British soldier looked right into the dead soldiers eyes. Benedict Arnold noticed it was the perfect time to attack so him and two other soldiers grabbed the British soldier, and covered his mouth, so he won’t yell and stabbed him right in the back.

Then Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold, and eight other soldiers took the British soldiers and took the dead soldiers uniforms. Ethan Allen then said, “Me and the other 9 soldiers will act like we captured you and then when we get into the room, we will attack them”. There were about 48 British soldiers. Ethan Allen took his group into the British bed rooms and said, “Me and my boys caught them spying out”.

The American soldiers noticed that the British did not have their weapons. The British soldiers started going back to sleep and then suddenly Benedict Arnold yelled, “Attack the coats”. Half of the British soldiers did not know what was going on and the others who got up to attack got killed. The second in command said, “ We surrender please do not kill more”.

Suddenly a gunshot got fired and the second in command was dead. Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold asked, “where is your commander, and if you don’t tell one person will get killed every 30 seconds”. One had passed, and suddenly an American soldier shot two British soldiers. Finally a British spoke and said, “The commander sleeps in his room, which is down the hall. Then Benedict Arnold decided that Ethan Allen will stay in the room and he’ll lead a group to the leader room.

When Benedict Arnold came out he heard footsteps in the dark creepy hallway. Benedict Arnold and the other soldiers noticed a shadow of someone. Benedict Arnold whispered, “Everyone walk carefully and don’t make sound”. Benedict Arnold and the soldiers carefully moved forward and then saw the leader William Delaplace running for his life.

Luckily one of the American soldiers shot the leg of Delaplace and he fell to the ground. Two American soldiers then held him up, and Benedict Arnold looked right into his eyes and boom!!! He shot him right in the head. After they captured the British Soldiers the American soldiers stole the British belongings at Fort Ticonderoga. Everyone met outside and Benedict Arnold said, “ We have done it, we have captured Fort Ticonderoga and the British Soldiers, and we will first celebrate, and then start going back to General Washington's camp”.

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