How Kyrie Helped the Continental army win During valley forge

March 31, 2017
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My name is Kyrie Irving, I'm a soldier in the Continental army. I am a writer, but I’d love to fight in the war against the British. I am 26 years old and I have enrolled in the Continental army. My wife has made boots for me and extra clothing for the war. I had a dream about how I became a leader for the Continental army and lead the Continental army to a victory. My hobbies are running and getting ready to fight in a war. A couple months later… A letter came, explaining how I was suppose to get to Valley Forge where the continental army had a camp.

When I got there I saw about ½ of the army was sick, and they were getting ready for the war. Baron von steuben called the new soldiers including me and told us to get ready to get prepared for the war. They didn't have enough coats for everyone but luckily I got one. After a couple hours of training, I was tired and hungry. The food they gave us did not taste good. I had expected it to be better, but I ate it because I was very hungry. That night we were very cold and it was snowing.

Next morning a doctor named Albington Waldo came. He injected something into the soldiers, I heard that it was a medicine that helped fight a disease called smallpox. At the camp; I met a person named “LeBron” he was from Boston, just where I came from. LeBron and I became good friends, I gave him some extra clothing I had, Because he didn't have any socks. After a couple of weeks George Washington commanded us to march to a place called Yorktown. On our way we faced many difficulties but, we got tired so we had to rest for a couple of hours.

We finally got to Yorktown, I had fire enraged inside of me and I was ready to beat the British. George Washington told us that there were 3 groups; the French army will stop the British from escaping by sea, the other part of the Continental army will stop the British army from escaping by land, and finally we will fight the British with guns, and with bayonets. A couple hours into the war LeBron and I heard that George Washington was shot and they were trying to help him. George Washington was shot with a rifle, he was not in a good shape. The doctor said the bullet was near his heart and it might have scraped the heart. The army lost the hope of winning but LeBron and I did not give up. I stepped up and went to the start of the line and I grabbed the army's attention. I said “We will and have to win this war, We have to do this for our family, and for a better life in the future.” Everyone screamed and said “ we will win this war.” I told them that we will follow George Washington’s orders and all of them agreed. LeBron said “Why don't you lead us to victory” and everyone agreed. We fought for hours and hours not losing our hope. They tried to escape but our other army, and the french got the British. Finally the leader of the British army named “ Lord Cornwallis” gave up and our army captured the rest of the remaining soldiers.

After the war had ended the french took the captured British soldiers in their warships to Philadelphia where they will be jailed. LeBron and I were happy that we won the war. LeBron said, “ You are a true leader.” I replied by saying, “ Yes, my dream was to lead our army to victory and it came true.” But we had some bad news George Washington had died. After a couple of months... I am currently at a meeting with a Continental Congress in Philadelphia. We are discussing about how we need a government. They want me to be the King, but I said “ We do not need another King.” One of the Congressman said, “ Why don't you become our President?” I replied “Yes i will become the president ,but we will have a system where the people get to vote for the president and the president can only serve 4 years for 2 times. I personally could not believe that I was the first President.

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