Abdul : The African Hero

March 31, 2017
By RavynM BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
RavynM BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
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The African boy,  Abdul wandered through an unknown area. How he had gotten there was so fast and It was still a bit fuzzy to him. but he tried his best to comprehend it. He was just out playing with Bano until she got swept up by some unfriendly men in Red Coats. Abdul, being her best friend ever since that they were young kids, followed her unhesitantly. Now he found himself in an odd new world.

He knew what he had to do. He know he was chosen to be a hero. He was the one that had chose to fight against the British. He took a deep breath and ventured foreword. The path in front of Abdul was a winding path covered in green. Abdul climbed down the steep path. His ‘imaginary’ friend Fi came out and spoke. “I believe that this place is called New York”. Link took Fi’s word and to his surprise, the place was actually called ‘New York”

A door had opened and Abdul traveled back up the steep spiral road. He entered the door and was met with a busy street. . The entire area seemed dark and evil. He heard some noises, like chanting or calling of some sort and had decided to check it out, being the courageous hero he chose to be. What he had found was a rather large group of Red Coats seemingly planning something..but Abdul couldn't tell. Abdul tried to back away, but like in a cliche, he had stepped on a twig that snapped and the Red Coats turned their attention towards him. Abdul chose to attack them, knowing that they weren't friendly people. He balled up his fists and threw a few punches before running away from the scene, not wanting to get caught.

Abdul continued on into New York , unknowing of what would lie ahead. Abdul was running into more and more red Coats as he continued deeper into the foreign land. Occasionally getting help from Fi on how to blend in and sneak past the red Coats. Abdul had been in New York for about a week now, himself being stronger and having learned plenty of tips on how to sneak past Red Coats and how to fend for himself.

Yet another day had passed in the African hero’s search for the captured friend , but today, he made a large and extremely bad discovery. He found out that Red Coats were planning to attack and enslave other Africans. Abdul had been extra careful and slept as little as he could, he feared being ambushed while he slept or being attacked at random. He had to do something..he needed help.

Abdul finally made his choice on what to do. He needed to go back to his family to get help from his people. He went back to where his home and family were. Abdul had gotten back onto the ground and he had rushed to make a meeting with the men of his large family. that amount being only roughly about 17 men. Abdul discussed with them about going to New York and about how he was going to save Bano. Some men were hesitant, but they agreed to going to the surface for their ‘sister’.

Abdul and the other men traveled to New York to fight. They marched towards the Boston where the most Red Coats were stationed. Abdul had a bad feeling in his gut about this, but he continued foreword bravely. Him and the men obviously came across some some Red Coats but easily defeating them since there were only a few in a place at a time.

Abdul and the knights had came across an older looking Red Coat that he hadn't seen before, or so he thought. But his heart dropped when he realized it was the Red Coat that was leading the meetings of the British planning war. But it was going to be an unfair war.. Abdul had his few men and the British had Red Coats that easily outnumbered Link and the other men.The leader called a few Red Coats together and they opened fire.  The Red Coats made the first move,raising their guns and shooting. And so the war started.

This war had been going on for at least three weeks now, and neither sides were going to give up, many dead on both sides, but still surviving. Many more Red Coats remained, much more than the African men that still remained. Each night Abdul had came up with strategies to defeat the Red Coats, each day a new way the men would fight so that the Red Coats wouldn't detect a pattern and slaughter the Africans. Abdul was also planning to sneak past the war and leave instructions for his lead man as he continued his search for Bano.

A few nights later, Abdul did as he planned, leaving a detailed notes for the men on what to do and leaving them strategy ideas so that they wouldn't become predictable. Abdul left with nothing but a sword, his slingshot (which was more handy than it seemed) and some pebbles to fire from his slingshot. Prepared to continue his search that had already been delayed way too long. Abdul, once again traveled alone on his mission to save Bano.

It has been yet another few day in his search, and Abdul was so close to finding Bano...but he was hurt and hungry. He had just found a British farm. He cautiously stepped up to the barn and walked up with his heart racing. This was it. He knew he would find the lost friend. He began to run up to the doors and pushed them open..

The doors opened to Banastre Tarleton , the Red Coat that had taken Bano. Abdul furiously ran towards the man with his sword in hand. His brown eyes full of fury and his heart racing faster than before. He swung his sword and attacked Tarleton. Or so he thought.. The man quickly jumped out of the way revealing Bano. On the floor and bleeding out. Abdul dropped to his knees. His heart immediately filled with sorrow.. And all he could do now was watch his best friend bleed out and die.

After that, Abdul gave up on everything. He had failed his one job. He gave up on everything and now lived alone. Always thinking about his mistake. Wondering what would have happened if he thought before he attacked. He killed Bano. An he would never forgive himself. And though people did forgive him..he knew that they were all saddened about the loss of their friend and sister. He couldn’t live with himself having know that he killed his best friend, the girl he loved and cared for.

The author's comments:

This is a short story about an African boy about age 17 gets his heft friend captured by British Red Coats and he knows that he must be her hero and save her. He Goes on a journey in New York to find his best friend Bano. But Will he find her safe and alive?

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on Apr. 4 2017 at 2:38 pm
Terilyn Martin BRONZE, Levittown, Pennsylvania
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Nice job Raven


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