Lucas The Brave

March 31, 2017

The conditions in Valley Forge were terrible. They ate nasty food such as fire cake if they ate anything ,and many suffered and died from many diseases such as smallpox and dysentery. Valley Forge is located in Pennsylvania and that is where the war I will be talking about was located.The war lasted about 6 months, and the army felt it. The continental army lost about two thousand people, due to disease, cold, and starvation.

Lucas was a farmer, father and husband of his wife named Abigail Gray. Lucas Grey Jr was born in 1747 in Boston Massachusetts. Him and his family moved to Georgia when he was 14 and he met his wife Madison Grey. He later had his daughter at age 28. One morning while the sun was seeking through the appalachian mountains. Lucas was just talking to some neighbors about how much they pay in taxes and how unfair it is. His neighbor gave him the idea of joining the war. The very next day Lucas enlisted and soon said “Goodbye” to all his family and was stationed in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

Lucas was stationed in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania with 12,000 others. Lucas was ready to fight for independence from Britain. Lucas was strong for days but then started to become homesick and wanted to see his family. His wife wasn’t thrilled about him joining the continental army because she was a loyalist and looked up to the British crown. The first day in Valley Forge was rough. As he walked passed people, all he saw was skinny, hungry people with no shoes, and bloody feet. Only in Valley forge for one month, and disease broke out. Dysentery and Smallpox were spreading across the army. Lucas was immune to many diseases due to living in dirty alley way’s in london for his childhood. Lucas found Dr.Waldo and offered to experiment on him. Lucas knew that it could be risky but he could be helping the army a lot.

After continuous experimentation and many different vaccinations, Dr.Waldo found a cure for smallpox! Dr. Waldo created a vaccination that would kill smallpox. Lucas was praised for his bravery in helping find a cure for smallpox. Now that they found a cure for smallpox we had dysentery spreading throughout the army more than before. Baron Von Steuben had over heard of the army’s troubles in diseases spreading, not enough food, and not enough weapons for everyone. He had come and helped shape the army. Soon George Washington had over heard of Lucas’s bravery and praised him. “You are very brave Lucas and deserve to moved up to general” George Washington said complementing Lucas. George Washington had spread the news about Lucas and Dr.Waldo making a vaccination for smallpox.

Baron Von steuben had heard, and decided to move Lucas up to general because of his bravery. Him and George Washington would be working side by side, now that Lucas was general. Lucas, George Washington, and Baron Von Steuben had pushed the army and made them stronger every day. The war was coming but they were prepared. Months after continuous fighting… The army had won Valley Forge! This was definitely one of the worst wars they had to face yet, due to diseases spreading, frostbite and many other factors about supplies. The army broke out into happiness and crying they all were so happy so they were almost to the end of this hardship. “If it wasn’t for your help, we all would of died, thank you” , George Washington said thanking Lucas. Many people, and soldiers had thanked him continuously and were very grateful.

Lucas had been general until the end of the war in 1783. Lucas could not wait to get home and see his family after 8 years of fighting. Lucas soon got reported back to Georgia and got to see his family again. Lucas went back to his regular life as a farmer like nothing had happened. Lucas never bragged  that he basically saved the army from smallpox. Lucas made the colony a better place with the help of many others.

Lucas was a farmer with no experience fighting joined the war and fought against a trained army, and won. What are the odds? Lucas and the army were determined and helped each other to win. After eight years, James got to see his daughter and wife again. The army went through so much and yet survived. They went through terrible conditions, diseases, and not enough supplies such as food, clothes, and shoes. Lucas came home with little pay for all the work he has done in that total of 8 years, but Lucas was proud of his 8 years in serving. Lucas came home and his daughter thought he was an intruder. She did not remember anything about him due to her being so young when he left.

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