Run away slave

March 31, 2017
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Once there was a slave and his name was Jordan. He lived on a farm in Georgia with his wife, Mary, and his two daughters, Amelia and Aliyah. Also his slave owner George Washington. George only checks on them once a day which is in the morning, but little did he know that that they are planning to escape January 31 1775 right now it is January 13 1775 so they don't have much time they have everything planned out but they are just waiting for the day. They choose that specific day because George will be going off to the war and no longer checking on them.

One day George came to check on them in the morning like always but then he also checked on them in the afternoon and he saw that they weren't there he went to go look in this little hut they slept in he saw them there talking and singing. He walked in said “What do you guys think you're doing get back to work now before I get my whip.” They got up and went back to work they were wondering if he heard or, understood anything they were talking and singing about. It was one week until Master Washington goes off to fight in the Revolutionary War that meant they had a week left until they escape. For the rest of the week they did their work the whole day just case Master George pulls another move and whip them.

The day came Master George came to check on them  and left. They watched him, once he was in a far away distance they took the food they harvested and started walking they was scared that someone will catch them. As they were walking there was this guy who saw them and screamed “HEY!!” They all started running for they lives because they didn’t want to get caught. They hid in the woods where they know that person would never find them. Once they hid in the woods for three months they decided to stay start heading off again they still don’t know where they're going but they’ll find a place. They went through a state called South Carolina it was hot there and plenty space for them to build huts and grow food. So they settled there and everything was going well they didn't just have fruited and vegetables, they taught themselves how to hunt for animals they can also have meat.

It's been a year since they have been free so they thought they were in the clear, well, they wasn’t. One day after a day of hunting Jordan was walking home and spotted the man on the horse that tried to capture them. So he ran home and warned his family that he was heading their way; they packed everything and ran again they were hoping that the man won’t see them because if he did then they definitely would get caught this time because he is on a horse.

They got away again thank God. They were no longer in South Carolina they are now in Florida another hot state with open land. They did the same thing they did in their last settlements which is build huts, grow food, and hunt.  But this time when they get real hot they'll go swimming to a lake nearby to cool off. Also in Florida some animals have diseases such as, bears, lions, and tigers. Lucky them they didn't come across one yet. So as the years where passing Jordan two daughters Amelia and Aliyah were getting older and it was time for them to learn how to hunt because soon Jordan and his wife Mary won’t be able to do it.

Everyday as they was learning they’ve gotten better and better so for a test Jordan let them go out on their on and while they were out they came across a bear !! They panic and started to run back to the hut where Jordan was waiting for them. When he saw them running he obviously knew that something was wrong and he saw that there was a bear chasing them. Jordan quickly grabbed his bow and arrow and then he started to go towards the bear and shooting arrow but that wasn't working, he was running out of arrows and the bear was still coming at him. After he ran out of arrows he tried to run but the bear caught up. Meanwhile his wife and kids already started running they didn't know where they was heading but far away from there. When they finally thought it was safe they stopped and they didn't go that far because they was still in Florida but before they knew it they got caught by George Washington assistant. When they arrived at the slave owners house they were so relieved because when they went back in their hut the saw Jordan in there crying.

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