March 31, 2017

Fusilier Regiment Von Lossberg
Journal 15, The Americans are storming us. We must man the cannons and fill up on ammo for our muskets.
Journal 16, We underestimated the Americans and they captured me and 99 others. I have my journal on me at all times. So i’m in a prison. Dying and starving.
Journal 17, they took my journal so at first i wrote on my hand, I’m in solitary. I had no food for 3 days.
Journal 18, I'm free and in hiding I also got my equipment back plus my journal. Plus the Americans will be running around for me.
Journal 19, I found a British camp and they took me in. Made me feel at home. Gave me food and water.
Journal 20, the British and I are charging an American base. I feel great. I'm going to win. I will not die.
Journal 21, we retreated and lost. I feel like a loser and I could have done better. I could have trained better. I’m will train hardest at camp.
Journal 22, I got captured again. I am super mad. I just escaped.

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