Be A Man, Do the Right Thing

March 30, 2017
By Turing BRONZE, Shenzhen, Illinois
Turing BRONZE, Shenzhen, Illinois
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Chapter 1 "Be A Man, Do the Right Thing"

I am an ignorant tea farmer in a British Colony. I am picking tea leaves under the blamed sun as usual. Although my hands still keep high frequency, my mind has already drifted away. The British started to levy multiple types of taxes recently, and of course include a duty on tea leaves. That's what make me feel gloomy. Our boss had to deduct my wages accordingly which were already barely enough to sustain myself.
"Why my life is so hard! Why? Why!" I couldn't help shouting to the sky.

I thought then nobody would answer me since this tea plantation was looked after by me. But I was wrong. Two men came out from the bushes gingerly, they wore brown boots and held shotguns. They looked around and beat me dizzy without saying any words. I could feel vaguely being dragging by them ,but then I sank into darkness.  

An intense beam of light shone into my eyes as I woke up. I tried to observe my surroundings although my head was still dizzy, which made me feel sick. It seemed like I was in a prison cell, as my hands had been shackled by something cold, perhaps iron chains ( I could see since my hands were locked on a backrest as I on a wooden chair). As soon as my eyes adapted to the light in the room, I noticed that the lamp was pretty somber which created an atmosphere of mystery in such a quietness. Nonetheless, I wasn't really afraid being still angry about the day's absurd experience. Hunger, cold, and rage teemed with me.

"Jesus! Unjust God! Why do you tease me like this? Ever since I was born, I never feel satisfied! I was always full of ambition but lady luck never knocked on my door and brought me opportunity!" I cried out and sobbed," I have nothing...I don't even what's going on...Will I die here?"

"No, you will not.", a tall man and fit bearded man came and said, " Welcome to Sons of Liberty, you are a member of us from this moment on."

"What? You guys hit me down without any reasons and now you want me to join you? Piss off!", I lost my temper and shouted to him without thinking.

"Are you sure about that? Miss this chance, you might spend the rest of your life here." The bearded man smiled and said calmly.

Pondering this, I started to cool down and think more rationally. However, I didn't have choice, actually, I had to join them. I was afraid of death, especially die with no achievements. And who knows? Maybe this had been my opportunity to earn my merits.

"Ok, I am in!", I told him.

Chapter 2  Boston Tea Party

It was 1773, the third year of Sons of Liberty. To be honest, the three year was the happiest time in my life. I had lots of brothers here and their destinies were similar to mine. Some of them were dressmakers in factories, some were businessmen, and some were a farmer like me. But no matter who we were in the past, we were a same now: the Sons of Liberty. Every day, we performed our missions together (rejecting British goods, holding demonstration, and destroying trade which benefited only the British) in order to protest the intense increase in taxes imposed by the greedy British.

Not long after, we planned to damage a ship which teemed with tea leaves to object to the  unreasonable rising of the tea taxes. According to our survey, the ship was sent by the East India Company and would sail into Boston on Dec. 16. In our plan, my teammates and me dressed up as Indians on that day and boarded the ship secretly. We threw all the tea boxs into the sea and destroyed this shipment.

Time elapse with our excitement and the day had finally come. Fortunately, everything was good. Our plan came true. After that, the conflict between the British government and the Colonist be deeper. Everyone could feel an unstoppable war was coming.

Chapter 3 The Gun of Lexington

On the night of 1775, me and my two partners were galloping on horses in darkness. Although we didn't have any conversations, we could sense the tension emanation off each other. We obtained some crucial information in Boston about how the British Army would attack our arsenal located on Lexington. Now, we intended to warn the militias there to prepare for defense.

After warning them, I decided to stay there and fight with their militias. So we lurked in the forest and waited for British Army.

In the early morning, we heard the clops become more and more closely. Finally, we saw the soldiers. I stood up first and held my gun pointing towards the general. The atmosphere was tense weird, as two armies pointed their guns to each other.

This silence kept for a long time, and even my arm became numb. I stared at the general and couldn't help thinking," If I kill a general, I will not have any regrets even I lose my life! I finally had a chance to be hero!", my arm began to tremble when thinking that.

"Peng!Peng!", I let off the gun.

The general fell down slowly in my eyes. Then, darkness surround my body. I heard several gunfire shots and a militia's anxious voice, but this voice vanished gradually. I looked up the sky and found that I had already in the mid air(I had died). I turned around, and saw the massy battle flare between the British soldiers and our colony militias. And I saw my body paired with the general's.

"I started a battle! A battle for liberty!", I said in bliss.

The sun shine penetrated my "body", as I closed my eyes. I was dissipated by a gust of wind.
"What a wonderful life!", were my last words in the world.

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