Lexington And Concord

March 27, 2017
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                       Chapter 1       The Previous Night

Since the Independent War had been sustained for about 5 months, the British armies wanted to more deeply aggress the American colonies; so they increased their troops in order to fight and win battles of quick result.
So, on April 17, the leader of the British armies’ Marshal Lucas convoked a meeting in order to discuss where they could found a gap to capture some cities in Massachusetts such as Lexington. But the officers were still worried about the risk of siege. But Lucas seemed to have a well-thought-out plan for it. So other officers agreed his suggestion. At the same time, a solider named Paul just sat in the corner, he heard all the plan of British armies. Though he was born in England, he hated war and he wanted the colonies which were controlled by Britain to be free. So actually he supported the American people instead of his country. After hearing the plan, his decided to inform the colonists in Lexington that Britain armies would started the war tomorrow.
In order not to startled his superior, Paul went out behind the meeting room and he noticed that it only had five hours for him to inform the Lexington’s residents; and it seemed that he would be late to reveal the plan. In this case, he chose the fastest horse to go to Lexington. But before he went out, one of the soldier was noticed his strange action, Paul just smiled and said:” don’t worry, guy, I’m just prepare for tomorrow’s battle and practice this horse, So go back and have a nice sleep!” and this soldier believed him. Paul looked around and rode the horse and then disappeared into the night.


                     Chapter 2     The War Start

In the early morning in Lexington was very tranquil. Suddenly a neigh from a horse broke this atmosphere, Paul finally reached the town. At this time, this neigh woke most of the people up; they were surprised that someone arrived in town so early. To alcalde’s surprises, he saw a British solider stood in front of him, and most of the town people became vigilant, and took out their weapon. But Paul just said:” Please! Don’t hurt me! I come here just to warn you that maybe in two hours the British armies will attack you.” The alcalde thought for a little while and said to Paul:” I can believe what you say, but my requirement is just that you stay with us and tell us how to fight with your armies, or we will kill you right now!” Paul knew if he stayed with these people, he would be regarded as traitor, but he made a decision to save the American colony, so he agreed the alcalde’s permission.
The sun rose up slowly and Paul was very nervous; he would soon feel the pressure of becoming traitor, and if the people in Lexington lost this battle, the endeavor he had undertaken would become meaningless. So he needed to do more work than could reject the loss.
Before long, Paul heard the clop from the far edge of Lexington, so he ran back to tell to the residents who picked up armaments and was ready to face the British armies. At the same time, Marshal Lucas was glad that he could led his armies to capture the Lexington whereby represented he could be commended by King of George Third.
When he was immersed in fantasy, Paul hid behind a building saw his superior sat on a horse. Since he used to have conflict with him, he decided to punished Lucas first. He aimed at Lucas and then shot! Lucas was shot down but only his arm was hurt. His retinue was shocked by this situation; they looked around and hoped to find who had shot Lucas. And the alcalde shouted to his people:” Let’s go! Fight for our freedom!” so, the battle started. Some people rushed to the armies fought hand-by-hand, someone used a musket to shot a solider. In a moment, the battlefield turned into mess. One hour later the British armies retreated. Seventy-three British soldiers were killed and over two hundred were wounded. Lucas was be defeated and fled, Paul breathed a sigh of relief at last.

                        Chapter 3     Last Battle

One month later Lucas hadn’t lost his heart. This time, he decided to let the battle begin in Concord. Paul predicted Lucas’ thought: he needed to fight with Lucas face by face in male’s way. So when the battle began, he told to Lucas:” I know my standpoint is very different from you and all of the people in our country will call me “traitor”. But I don’t care, I always stand with justice, now it’s time to end this!”
And he had duel with Lucas, Paul had stronger and faster body than Lucas, so it only took him half an hour to beat Lucas. At last, before he died, Lucas said:” Died a glorious death is a fair death honor in one’s the whole life!”. Then Paul stuck him and cut his head off. On the other side, the British armies lost 65 soldiers with an additional 173 wounded. And Americans won at last though they still had some casualties.
Paul put down credit for the war, he was the hero!

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