A Trip to Los Angeles

March 22, 2017
By BrianDuffy BRONZE, Southborough, Massachusetts
BrianDuffy BRONZE, Southborough, Massachusetts
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Suddenly, I am woken up by the sound of the man over the intercom, telling which flight boards next. It seems I have fallen asleep in a row of chairs in an airport.  I sit up and look around.  All the planes are lined up outside, ready to take flight.  As I look around I see a sign saying that I am in the Logan International Airport.  I am in Boston. Feeling around in my pockets, I find a ticket.  My ticket is for Los Angeles and it says that my flight leaves at 8:00 am.  A clock is on the wall right next to me and it is 7:25.  Thank God I woke up when I did because I would have missed boarding.  Standing up I can see many different gates around me, but which one is for me?  I look down at my ticket for the second time and see that I am gate 19, flight 175.

It only took me about ten seconds to find my gate because I was asleep basically right beside it.  So now I make my way over to a small line in front of the gate.  “Why am I on my way to Los Angeles?” I think to myself. 
As I am in line, I see a reflection of myself in a dark window.  I don’t recognize the man who looks back at me.  A short white man with dark hair looks back and I’m lost. 
“What the hell is going on! Why don’t I look like myself. Why have I woken up inside another man's body?”  I think to myself. 
I rifle through my pockets to find something else inside.  A wallet.  I open the wallet to find a couple dollars, a gift card to In-And-Out Burger, and a license.  I hesitantly pull out the license, afraid of what I will see on it.  Robert J. Howard it says.  I slowly put the license back in the wallet.  I try and keep calm as I stand in line.  Everything happens for a reason.  This must be God’s plan for me, so follow the directions that are given.  Still standing in the line as it gets smaller and smaller, I try to keep my senses sharp.  At this point I am almost up in line to give my boarding pass.  I look at the two men in front of me who are speaking to the person at the booth.  They have foreign accents.  The woman at the booth lets them through no problem.  Now I am next in line.  She greets me with a smile and says, “Boarding pass please.”
“Here you go, mam.” As I hand her my pass.
“Thank you,” she replies, “Going out to see family in California, um, Mr. Howard?”
“Uh, yes I am,” I say hesitantly, “I have lots of family out in California.”
“Thats nice, must be beautiful weather out there this time of year,” she says handing me back my boarding pass, “Have a great trip, you’re all set to board.
“Thank you very much.” I say as I walk into the tunnel onto my plane.
As I look back down at my ticket again to see where my seat is, I can see that I am in first class.  When I enter through the side door of the plane, a flight attendant shows me to my seat.  I can see the door to the c***pit about 10 feet away from my seat and a bathroom to the left.  I go to the bathroom, and then take my seat before takeoff. 
After we are airborne, I try to fall asleep, but it is too difficult while in the air.  About forty five minutes into the flight I am in my seat when I see the two men that I was standing behind in line for boarding come up the aisle and toward the c***pit.  I hear commotion as the men disappear from my sights so I hesitantly get out of my seat to see what is going on.  I can see other people around me standing up similar to me to try and figure out what the problem is.  As soon as the men are back in my sights, they stab the flight attendants and enter the c***pit with force.  Screaming and crying can be heard throughout our section of the plane as we watch these two men I saw earlier in line close the c***pit for good. 
As there is a large sense of panic and a lot of commotion going on , I ask the women next to me,
“Excuse me, ma'am!” I say, “What is the date today?”
“Um, It’s Tuesday, September 11th, Sir.”  She says with a startled voice.
Sure of where I am now, I have to take a seat because of what is going to happen.  I sit back and try to fathom that I am about to be apart of the biggest terror attacks this country has ever seen.  I look at my watch and it says that it is about 8:47.  This plane is about 15 minutes away from crashing into the South Tower of the world trade center.  As I sit in my seat I am the only one on this plane who knows exactly what is about to happen.  I listen to the sadness and scared voices around the plane as the longest fifteen minutes of my life slowly passes by. I hear a voice shout out
“We are way too close to the ground right now!” he says with a sense of urgency. 
I look out my own window and I can see he is right.  Flying over the New York skyscrapers I think about what is going to happen.  I think about this man, Robert, how I am in his body and he is about to lose everything due to these men that have taken over the plane.  I brace for impact, not knowing what is going to happen to me I say a prayer and finally close my eyes. 
I open my eyes to find myself back in bed at home.  I am relieved to feel safe again.  Turning over to look at my clock on my desk, the date says September 11th 2016.  It is 9:04 am.

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