Starting of a Revolution

March 6, 2017
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“Cast aside your differences men, we are all of the same creed and union. The Bourgeois seek to tear us apart, but like the chains we make we will not falter and we will not be divided. We will stand strong and bring ruin to them!” Thunderous applause erupted from the working men of the steel mill. “If they so wish to see profit at the cost of human life and injury, then let it be their blood that is spilled and not yours. Cease production and lets burn this place to the ground!” The men rush to the cauldrons full of molten ore and throw them to the floor. The mill begins to look like the inside of a tumultuous volcano. Magma snakes along the rusted floor and starts to burn the supports that keep the mill standing. Men rush outside to clear the collapsing building. “Look at the work you have done today. In a few minutes you were able to destroy the place that has caused us, the common man so much hurt and ruin!” The hill where the factory stood now smoldered, smoke billowed towards the heavens and soon bells started to ring from the town.
It was a scene of panic at town hall where the mayor resided. Assistants and guards rushed around trying to form some kind of defense against the encroaching horde of disgruntled workers who were converging on the town. “If a single one of those dirty dogs breach the barricades fire upon the them!” shouted the mayor to the guards who stood attentively waiting for orders.” “But sir that breaches our policy with the Industrial Communship if they hear of us firing upon workers than there will surely be worse consequences than giving in to the demands of the workers, Right?” Questioned the Captain of the guard. “They will just have to deal with it. These people are going to kill me, you and all of the people working here if we don't stop them here and now!” The mayor becoming increasingly tense hurried about the town hall frantically assigning orders.
Inside the town, workers were being led by their de facto leader Kevin Hawthorne. Kevin spent much of his early life living with his father who was a harsh man and often never had room for sympathy in his heart only hate. Kevin was often blamed for his mother’s death, complications from his birth made her susceptible to cholera with which she died of soon after. With no one in his family who loved him he ran away, and joined a group of traveling vagabonds. Him and this group would visit every town in England, discussing new revolutionary ideas that were spreading from Karl marx in Germany.They eventually settled down in Liverpool working as steel millers. He quickly gained the hearts and minds of the workers and the factory was now ripe for rebellion.
“March brothers! Do you see the scars upon our body from years of hard work and unbearable conditions! Let us enact our revenge upon the fa-” Bullets ruptured through the air and come crashing into the mass of disgruntled workers. “Take down these barricades and kill them all!” A wall of men begin rushing into structures made of wood and other hastily gathered materials and begin tearing them down. “Stop them now, don’t let them take a inch of ground! Rifle fire came in a continuous barrage drowning out the cries of revolution and reform that came from the working men of England. When the smoke cleared, bodies were strewn across the square. Men who wore rags and caps laid just as well as those in decorated uniforms with pompous hats. Each with a history of their own but both meeting the same end.
“Find their leader and clasp him in chains!” The insurrection was over and the workers had been defeated. Survivors were being arrested in the dozens. “Sir, I believe we have found their leader.” A battered, bloodied and bruised man now stood before the mayor. He was a good  6 inches taller than the mayor and had a impressive physique. He appeared german in nationality with thick blond hair and blue eyes but had the typical irish big nose. “Are you the leader of this ragtag group of ruffians?” “Aye, and i’m damn well proud of it.” Hawthorne stated with pride “Look around you. Do you see all the damage you have caused, all the lives you have killed?” Hawthorne tears his gaze away from the mayor to scan the field of battle. They died with the idea of a grand revolution in mind, where they have rights against the ones who have pushed them to the limits of human capacity for tolerance of injustice. This was not my doing but was of your own volition!” Hawthorne clearly in a rage forces the mayor back a step. “You Mr...” “Kevin Hawthorne” “You Kevin Hawthorne are going to be executed a week from now for the crime of inciting revolt.” States the mayor. “You will only add a martyr to the cause, We the people will be your undoing.” Stepping over the fallen. The guards drag Kevin away towards the jailhouse
“Mr. Rane a telegraph for you from London.” “Must be the King Edward congratulating me for crushing the rebellion.” The mayor said with pride in every word. “Well go on then read it to me.” The maid began to read struggling with the words. “I, Matthew Briggs president of the indust... rial co... mmun... ship am hereby presenting a list of demands for Mr. Rane.” “What the bloody hell! Give that to me.” Rane snatches the letter away from Elizabeth and begins to read. “I, Matthew Briggs president of the industrial communship am hereby presenting a list of demands for Mr. Rane, Mayor of Liverpool. Remember that these demands have been sanctioned by King Edward of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India” “Damn Titles” says Rane while panting. “You are to release Kevin Hawthorne, Pardon all prisoners involved in the protest, pay indemnities to the workers, lower their working hours to 10 hours in a day and finally increase their pay to 4 pounds an hour.” “He’s a damn fool if he thinks i’ll ever agree to these demands.” “But the King sanctioned them” Said Elizabeth with a great amount of concern “I don’t give a damn what the King says. This is purely unacceptable”
In London’s court and ballrooms there was a great amount of buzz surrounding the incident in Liverpool. Once the word got out that there was a protest where workers were shot upon and killed there was a general uprising all throughout Britain. “From Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and even London there is a great amount of unrest. “Yes, your highness but if you give into the demands of the unions then they’ll never stop asking for more there like ravenous dogs.” “True, but if I don’t then i’ll have an entire nationwide rebellion against me, and parliament is being of no help. The newly created labour party will sure be able to garner a large amount of support if I don't act quickly and in the workers interest.” “It is whatever is in the realm and your best interest.” “Tell Matthew that he has my support in the matter.” Said King Edward with a hint of disgust in his voice. “Right away your majesty.”

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