March 4, 2017
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-Captain James Rason- 

I remind myself everyday what I’m fighting for and why I am here.

I grit my teeth and remind myself of my brothers, my sisters, and home.

I breath even though I know that my life may be for nothing. I breath because I know that I can’t let my life be for nothing.

Everyone has to stay strong in this war.

“Another patriot scum caught the pox,” I hear the prison ship guard says to his commander above me. “None of the men want to retrieve his corpse, sir.” I bite my lip to keep from crying out in fury. If only I was free. If only these grimy chains around my wrists would let me kick and fight my way out of here. My fellow brother’s corpse lays across from me, infected with smallpox. I watched him slowly die in front of my eyes, and I prayed for his soul as the life fled from his glazed eyes.

He was a fighter, till the end, and I hate the way the soldiers talk about him, as if he was nothing.

His life mattered.
Till the end.

-Clarabella Tearson-

I feel my defiance building in me day after day.
I know that I can’t live like this much longer.
Serving the redcoats like they are my king, when they are nothing.
They are not my King.
I have the dream.

And I keep it hidden inside me like a sword in its sheath, ready to draw it out when their guard is low.

My sword and sheath.
My safety and my weapon.

This is the only thing that keeps me going.
-Isaiah Williams-

My job is important. My job could change the fate of the war.
And it is very easy.
So easy, there are only two rules.
Never get caught.
And never give in.
The second one is mainly for other spies.
Because I wouldn't be held long enough to give information to the filthy redcoats. 

Ahead of me, Uriah crawls through muck and blood for his country.
He may be the only other spy that I like. I think it’s because he was the only one would accept my crazy mission.
Our small, slender bodies also make us ideal.
But even so, crawling through a recently vacated battlefield is dangerous.
Dangerous, but full of information.
A spy’s goldmine.

-Bartolome Adams-
Bartolome was a sensible boy. Just shy of twenty three and he was already taking charge for his country. He served Britain with pride and valance, trying hard to cover up his terrible secret. A secret that would ruin his life. And he hated his brother for it.


-Hyde O’Conners-

I would be in prison. Probably dead.
But I am not a prisoner anymore.
I will never wear chains again. I am a soldier now.
No one can touch me.
No one!

With a growl of fury I rip the enemy’s hands off my throat.  
I will not die today.
Wiping the blood from my lips, I stagger out of the battlefield and into the sun.

-Pierce Adams-

I have always been afraid.
A little boy in the body of a man.
This war scares me more than anything.
I shiver at the thought of my brother.
War changed him.
And now it my turn.
The war is coming for me.
I don’t know where I’m going or what i’m doing here.
I just know i’m running.
I know I won’t win though.
Reality will catch up to me soon. 

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