Christmas Truce

February 25, 2017
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“It was December 25th, of 1914, it was a cold day on no man's land. We were in the middle of what you now call the World War I. It was Christmas; we didn’t want to kill each other. So we thought about proposing a truce, which fortunately, was accepted. Like real men, we put our guns back and solved this war on the right way. Playing football, or like you Americans call, Soccer. The game was a real stalemate. The Germans had a pretty good offense; they started making the first goal. But we fought back, and made two goals, one made by myself. After that goal, they never stop attacking. They controlled more than half of the field. We could not hang on, so they scored one and tied 2x2. The game ended, but neither would accept a tie, so we chose that the next goal would win, Golden Goal. Just about 4 minutes later, a British, but American raised boy jumped in. “Hey guys, you are playing football, and didn’t call me, shame on you.” – He said, laughing. “Ok, this isn’t a football, but it might do”. As he said that, he sat on the ball, so it got egg-shaped, took it with his hands and throw 40 meters down field. Nice throw, but this is FOOTball, not HANDball, you cannot use your hands. It was a penalty kick; the Germans made the goal and won. That boy is a shame for our land.”

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