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November 2, 2016
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It was the late 1800’s. Dad was going to head out for war. My brothers and I were forced to wear masks to block the poisonous gas from getting to us. Under our masks we were crying. The Confederate Army had arranged pictures to be taken of all the families, so mother signed us up. The pictures were being took in the local hospital. The screams of wounded soldiers were  terrible, it brought tears to my eyes. I have never heard a sound like that before. We started to walk down the hall to the picture room. The blood stains were imprinted permanently on the floor and walls. The soldiers were laid up against walls with fatal wounds, crying for help. My brothers and I edged our way down the long, dimly lit narrow hallway following mom  and dad. We had to step over legs and watch for blood piles on the floor. We reached the room. There was two other families waiting before us. My brothers giggled together and played while waiting. But I sat in the corner waiting silently. Our turn came and the photographer placed all of us in the right spot and said smile. The camera flashed and a single tear rolled down my face, but no one could see it because of the mask.
We were making our way out of the room when the sound of a bomb hitting the earth froze us in our tracks. We all looked at each other not knowing what to do. The General stormed in the room looking for dad. Another bomb dropped and outside screams felt like they were right next to us. Fellow soldiers pulled dad away from us and left the room, dad didn’t even get to say bye… We walked towards the door to make our way out. As soon as we opened the door the wounded soldiers had doubled. The smell of bullet powder filled the room and everything surrounding it. We fought our way down the hall when a nurse snatched mom away and said, “ What are you doing, we need your help!”  Without hesitation the nurse pulled her away and then vanished without a trace. Her body became one with the sea of the soldiers. Next were had been pulled aside and given brothers and I just looked at eachother. The soldiers had pushed out the front door of the house and as soon as we stepped out another bomb dropped and my brothers died on impact. My legs were gone. I was pulled back into the hospital, blood going everywhere. I slowly started to fade. I was gone...

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