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November 5, 2016

“Adam Jacobs how dare you?”
   Adam turned from his journal and looked up at Natalia. She looked upset like she always does. Her red hair twisted into curls that most certainly did not suit her, her stomach looking amazingly small due to her dress. “How can you possibly breathe in that thing?”
   Natalia gasped, her brown eyes looking angry. “I recommend you not comment on my looks Mr. Jacob’s. For I assure you if say another word you will truly regret it.”
  Adam sighed and closed his journal. “Now Natalia just because you are from a rich estate and I declined your offer in marriage does not really make me afraid of you or your family. Since you and I both know they only spoil you rotten so you will stop your constant whining which I must say is not very pleasing. I can’t even imagine the annoyance your father must suffer through every day with you clinging to his wallet every second of the day.”
  Natalia stood straight, her eyes widening. She tried to speak but she couldn’t find the words to say. But she was still angry. He asks like he has no idea of what he’s done. So she stared at him with blazing anger until he couldn’t look anymore.
   “What bids you to come here Natalia?”
  Natalia sighed, relaxing the angry expression on her face.  “You have been accused.”
   Adam raised a brow. He waited for Natalia to finish but she seemed to expect he knew what she meant, which he didn’t, “Accused of what exactly Natalia?”
  “Murder” She groaned.
   His forehead creased, “Murder? Women are you mad? Why would I be accused of murder?”
  She pursued her lips. “Don’t act clueless. It was you. I know it was you. You were in the town with her last night! For the love god don’t you dare lie to me, turn yourself in! You’re a mad man, a murderer!”
  “What nonsense are you speaking of women!”
    “Emily! You killed her! You left her in the lake with a slit throat! Not only that but they said she was constantly cut but the marks were hidden under a pair of rags!”, Screamed Natalia.
   Adam gasped. He tried to swallow the sudden lump in his throat but couldn’t. Instant fear overcame him and suddenly his mouth was dry, his stomach was in knots. He could barely breathe, “Emily…dead?”
   “Yes! Don’t act ignorant! Don’t even try to fool me Mr. Jacobs!” Her voice was quivering. She’s scared and about to cry. She’s telling the truth.
   “No. Emily. No. How…” His voice was shaky. “No. No. It’s not true, it’s not true.”
   “Turn yourself in! Be punished for your crimes! A mad man shouldn’t be roaming free.” Natalia lifted her dress to walk towards him.
   “It wasn’t me. I was with her but it wasn’t me. I don’t know. ”
     Natalia put a hand on his shoulder and said “I don’t believe you Mr. Jacobs”
    “What.” He gasped.
    There was a letter opener on the table where it held Adam’s journal. There was a clanking sound when it fell, along with drips of blood.
    Adam and Natalia looked down to see the blood dripping on the floor, some staining the cuffs of Adam’s sleeves and Natalia’s shoulder. Natalia looked up at him and whispered, “I knew it.” before collapsing on the floor.
   He was hyperventilating, staring at the blood on his hands. He looked from the letter opener on the floor to the blood seeping from Natalia’s neck. “No.” he said faintly.
   He looked at his journal crying and opened it almost tearing out the pages. Why does he feel compelled to this journal now?
   “August 29, 1789
     I have read you. Front to back. Yet I never remember the horrid events that have occurred upon you my journal. You suddenly appeared to me. And to this day I can’t find my favorite suit. And I only wear those on special occasions. So I ask you. What happened to Emily?”
   Adam’s shaking hand put down his quill. He slowly turned to the last page he had yet to read. He covered his mouth. His legs wobbling he fell to the ground, holding onto the floor as he sobbed.
   “August 28, 1789
    I’ve killed Emily, for she looked oh so ravishing how could I not? I believe you’ve finally read the other part of yourself Adam. It’s quite a shame. A man like you could’ve entertained a man like me for a while longer. But who says we can’t continue to have fun together? What do you say my good man? How about we put on your second favorite suit?”

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