The Little Rock Nine

November 3, 2016
By , nyack, new york, NY

It is late Sunday night, Sammy and his peers were ready to make history. They were all over the news on that exciting night. In the morning they were going to make history by being the first African Americans to integrate a school in Little Rock Alabama. That night Sammy went to bed very nervous for the day to come, but he was ready, and very excited to make history.

That morning Sammy woke up like any normal day, but his family could sense his anxiety. He had his normal breakfast; two toaster strudels, bacon, and orange juice. At 7:30 Sammy and his family left and met up with his friend Colin’s family.
Sammy’s mother said, “This is going to be one eventful day.”
Colin’s mother nodded her head in agreement. The two families nervously walked to Little Rock Central high school for around fifteen minutes. No one exchanged words, they were too busy thinking about the day they had in store. They Finally arrived at the school around 7:45. This seemed like the longest fifteen minutes of Sammy’s life. They arrived to the school to see quite a frightening site. They arrived to hundreds of white protesters telling them to stay out. Their parents were ready to send their children off into school when tons of reporters and police officers showed up to the seen. They assumed the police officers were for their protection. They were very wrong. The governor of Alabama issued them to go their to stop the African Americans from entering the school? Sammy’s mom said to an officer, “Whats going on? Why can’t my boy enter this school. He has as much right to enter this school as these white children do.”
“Shut up, This is a direct order from our governor.”
“That's preposterous my son and our fellow African Americans belong here as well. We deserve our equal rights.”
“Step away I don’t want to have to hurt you.”

They waited for an over an hour and finally the governor told the police to let them through because it was a really bad look on his reputation to the rest of the country. Sammy and Chase began to walk into the school along with the other seven African American teenagers, while being harassed by the white protesters. They were getting things thrown at the them and were getting racial slurs yelled at them.  They entered the school and immediately a policemen was issued to everyone one of them to escort them to their first class. When Sammy arrived in his first class four caucasian boys approached him, the leader of this group was a tall boy with brown hair named Danny. Before Sammy could even get a word in Danny said,
“I just want you to know that I speak for everyone, and we do not want you here.”
Sammy replied, “That’s great I would love to not be here right now, and see you’re ugly face, but we all have to do some things we don’t like.”
Danny gave him the death stare, but then walked away and his friends followed. Sammy heard a little laugh behind him and turned around. The kid was named Patrick.
He said, “Wow that was pretty funny.”
Sammy said, “Thanks, I take pride in my jokes.”
They both smirked at each other but then the teacher began to take attendance. When the teacher said Sammy’s name, He had never gotten so many  horrific stares in his life. They looked at him as if he was not human. Sammy went on with his day. By lunch he had only been cursed at a couple of times and only got a couple of stares. This was better than what he had originally anticipated. He met up with Chase and their friends, and they ate lunch together.
Chase said to Sammy, “ My day has gone pretty bad. In my third period class I got one question wrong and my entire class shamed me and made fun of me for it.”
“At least neither of us have gotten into a fight yet, Am I right.”
“Yeah you're right I should be looking at the positives of this incredible day.”
They both smiled and they were off to their next classes. Sammy had his next class with Patrick. The teacher asked if each student would find a partner. Of course Sammy had no idea what he should do in this situation. He did not want to be left alone, because that would be really embarrassing. Patrick came to his rescue and asked if he wanted to be partners. Sammy enjoyed that period because he really made a new friend. He came to the conclusion that even though he was black and Patrick was white they still had a lot in common. They both loved baseball, They both enjoyed science and math, and most of all they both believed that segregation was a terrible thing. Sammy went on with his day thinking about their conversations, and how they were so similar to the conversations he would have with his best friend Chase. That day Sammy, Chase, and Patrick were leaving the school, when Danny and his group approached them.
Danny pushed Sammy, but Patrick pushed him back.
Danny said, “What’s your problem black lover.”
He replied. “You!” and with no hesitation punched Danny right in the face.
Danny thought his friends would back him up, but they were scared and they left. Right after Danny ran away too. Sammy and Chase said thank you to Patrick. Sammy went home and told his mother what happened. They both came to the conclusion that not all white people are narrow minded. Sammy went to bed that night thinking about how a terrible day turned into a good one, and hopefully the days that follow will be good too.

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