The Glass Bangle

November 9, 2016
By , cupertino, CA

I was at my neighbor's house, dressed up and ready for lunch. I wore a traditional indian dress and beautiful glass bangles around my hand. My mom made me go around to greet everyone and introduce myself because I was getting really annoyed and bored for no apparent reason.

“Look, I see some people playing tag (or at least what I thought they we playing). I’m going out. I’ll be back in a few minutes,” I said. I ran out of the side door ready to play. Then I wondered how am I supposed to join their game? I decided to go and ask the.“Can I play with you guys?” I asked nervously.

“Yeah sure, why not?”

I enjoyed the game of tag as I ran around, and ran in and out of the house feeling the fresh breeze on my face. I was running around, climbing and walking on brick fences with a huge smile on my face. I wished that I could play on forever, until I was feeling really thirsty. I jumped over the fence as quietly as possible (so I don’t get caught) and quickly ran in to get a drink of water. I thought, what would happen to me if my parents caught me doing this. Whatever, it’s not like I would get in big trouble, I could just explain to them what happened. When I was back from getting a drink of water, I realized that the fence was too high to jump over. I was way too short! Why couldn’t I be taller, I thought. I tried jumping and jumping to reach the top of the fence with my hand. It was a long struggle which felt like forever, but I got it.  I grabbed the top part of the fence, hoping I would get some support as I intensely pulled myself over. As soon as I sat down comfortably and I took a long moment to breathe. That was when I felt the bangle snap. I looked at my hand and saw that the glass bangle that I wore was broken. It looked like a part of it went into my skin. Part of my arm, right above my wrist was bleeding. The cut was small, but it was deep. I felt the blood gush and drip from my arm as I jumped over without worrying and immediately went to my mom. My mom’s expression changed. Her face tensed up and I could tell that she was worried.

“Oh dear, can’t you do anything without getting hurt?” she asked. I just kept silent thinking, wow, I get the point. Everyone makes mistakes. In a rush, she ran and took me to my dad. He was mad at me too.
“Why are you so irresponsible? I can’t believe you got hurt again!”

He took me home and started to clean the wound. It stung really badly when the medicated cotton touched the wound. When he was dabbing the cotton on the cut, I suddenly jerked back and shook my hand.

“Put your hand down and stop moving it around.”

“I just rolled my eyes and obeyed his command.”

Finally, when he was done cleaning the cut, my dad called the hospital and booked an appointment for tomorrow. When I went to the doctor, the doctor asked me what happened. I was getting very, very, very irritated because everyone kept on asking me the same question, but I had no option. I had to tell him everything in detail including the very minor ones because he was the doctor. He checked my hand and was feeling on either side of the part where the bangle penetrated into my arm asking me if it was  hurting me or not. They took my x-ray and luckily, there was nothing there, in other words, the bangle didn't go all the way into my arm into the bone. That was when I was so relieved. Unfortunately the doctor said that to close the cut they would have to put stitches on the part of my hand where I got hurt and also I will need to get an injection in my arm. I was scared at first but then he put me to ease and I got the procedure done.

The day after, I had to go to the hospital again for the injection. Hospitals in India sometimes feel scary. However, I still continued walking in and I was becoming more scared every second. My uncle took me to the counter and the nurse took me to the place where they give injection. I was very nervous. When we reached I noticed that it was in front of the door. They made me lay down and turn around, so my back was facing toward the door. Then, it happened. I felt the pinch on my butt as they give injections on the butt in India, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Following the injection shot, I was afraid to sit on the motorcycle because I thought that it would start to hurt. As I sat down, I realized it didn’t hurt that much. My uncle then took me  back home and it was alright and I felt better.

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HyperBunny said...
Nov. 17, 2016 at 12:58 am
Very interesting! Great Story.
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