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September 16, 2016
By Maria21 BRONZE, Athens, Other
Maria21 BRONZE, Athens, Other
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Wisdom begins in wonder.

        Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in Camelot and her name was...Isabella. Isabella was pretty indeed, like her name suggested. She had long  blond  hair  that  fell  gently  on her arms and her eyes, oh those heavenly eyes, blue like the sky. She had gone to buy some apples from the market when he first laid eyes on her. Jack was a farm boy who lived just outside Camelot. When he looked at her eyes, he was captivated. It was love at first sight. He tried to reach her but he lost her in the crowd. He didn't know anything about her but he was sure of one thing, that  girl had stolen his heart. He went to bed that night but he couldn't sleep . All he thought of was those eyes and if he would ever had the chance to see them again. Days passed and he hadn't seen her. Suddenly, from a corner there she was again. This time he left no time to go to waste. He run fast to get near her so fast that they bumped into each other. As a true gentleman he said sorry right away with a huge smile on his face. She laughed and said that's alright.
    Jack : I'm Jack by the way.
    Isabella : I'm Isabella.
    Jack : Isabella? What a pretty name.
    Isabella : Thank you very much.
    Jack: Where are you to in such a haste ?
    Isabella: I'm late. I have to go.
    Jack: May I walk you?
    Isabella: I would love to, but I can't. It was a pleasure making your acquaintance.
    Jack: The pleasure is all mine my fair lady.
And she slowly walked away. He was still looking at her hoping to see her again. I guess someone heard his wish. Jack was walking straight to the gates of the kingdom going to his farm. After passing the gates he took a short-cut through the woods and then he saw her again. This time though she wasn't alone. Two men were trying to rob her , she tried to defend herself but it was in vein the men were too strong. Jack went immediately to help her, he defeated the guys and gave Isabella her things.
      Isabella: Thank you for helping me in my time of need , most would have left.
      Jack: You're welcome. Who would ever leave you helpless?
      Isabella: What do you mean by that?
      Jack: I mean (stutters) hmm. You're such a pretty woman anyone would be         blessed  if he had even the slightest chance to talk to you.
      Isabella: Oh! Thank you, you're very flattering. I have to tell you something I wasn’t totally honest when you asked me who I was.
      Jack: What do you mean?
      Isabella: I’m princess Isabella of Camelot.
      Jack: Princess? But why are you roaming around all alone?
      Isabella: I sneaked out of the palace because I wanted to see the world and how people would treat me if they didn’t know my origin.
     (Jack bows)
     Isabella: Oh please don’t. Stand up. After all, you saved me .
     Jack: I think it’s time for you to go back to the kingdom it’s not safe around here. I will escort you if you want.
     Isabella: Yes, that would be my pleasure. My father must know the truth, he will reward you.
    Jack: I don’t  ask for money. I saved you because I like you and didn’t want to see you in harms way.
   Isabella: You like me?
   Jack: Yes, but you’re the princess. I should be beheaded for even saying that.
   Isabella: Nonsense. I like you too.
   Jack: A princess like you , likes me? A farm boy?
   Isabella: You’re the only person I’ve ever met that was so kind and sweet to me without knowing I’m a princess. For me that is priceless. You’re the kind of person that I should have around.
   Jack: Around?
   Isabella: When we get to the kingdom, I ‘ll convince my father to make you a knight but instead of protecting the whole kingdom , your job will be to protect me. Would you like that?
   Jack: Of course, it’s a great honor for me. Thank you, princess.
   Isabella: Call me Isabella.
Guards: Princess Isabella is coming.
Maid: Were have you been little lady ? Your father is worried sick. And who may that be?
    Isabella: That’s a long story. That’s  Jack  , the man that saved me.
Maid: Saved you ? From what?
   Isabella: Let’s get to my father.
Isabella then told the whole story to her father , who willingly made Jack a knight. Days past and Jack had always been with Isabella. They  were  the closest friends. They had many adventures together and great stories to tell.
Not long after, Jack became sick. Noone knew what he had , Isabella hadn’t seen him in days. One morning , she decided to go to the farm and see him despite her father’s orders. When she arrived, she went inside and show Jack in the bed burning up with fever. His father was there crying, there was nothing he could do to save his child. Isabella asked him for some time alone.
So he went outside to get some air. Isabella then started talking to Jack hoping he could hear her.
    Isabella: Oh Jack. How did this happen? A few days ago you were fine. Jack I know I haven’t told you this but ever since you came into my life I ‘ve been happier.  We always have a great time together, you’re my best friend and more. I can’t imagine my life without you. You’ve always been there for me ,keeping safe. But know it’s my time to return the favor. 

Isabella placed her hands on Jack’s chest she closed her eyes and then something magical happened a blue aura appeared and flew from Isabella’s hands to Jack. Soon the fever stopped , Jack had started being in senses.
    Jack: Isabella? What are you doing here? What happened ? I’m not sick anymore.
    Isabella: When I heard you were sick I knew I was the one to help you.
    Jack: The one to help me?
    Isabella: I ‘ll tell you something only few know. My mother was a healer, she could cure other people with her hands and I have inherited as well. But I never was strong enough to heal anybody.
    Jack: So how did you heal me?
    Isabella: My mother had told me that  this power appears when you most need  it. I knew I had  it but I could only heal someone I cared about.
    Jack: And you care about me?
    Isabella: Of course I do. I can’t even imagine what my life would be if I didn’t have you.
   Jack: Thank you. May I kiss you?
   Isabella: Why’d you even have to ask?
Jack smiles and kisses Isabella.

Isabella and Jack have been inseparable ever since. They got married and had two children Abigail and Arthur. And even till this day they tell the story of how they met , like it was meant to be. And they lived happily ever after.

The author's comments:

It's a story of a boy and a girl, set in Camelot but she is not just a girl...

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