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Diary Of A Slave

November 19, 2015
By lovebug1 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
lovebug1 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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    It was a regular hot sizzling morning when Master awoken us to go pick in the cotton fields. She was a pretty nice master on her good days, well at least when Sir Mathew Fisher gave her a late night visit. Master’s name was Madam Abigail Stokes she was left the plantation after her father Sir Thomas Stokes past a while back. Now Madam Abigail doesn’t know what to do with herself chasing after them men. Now see her father was a strong and protective man especially when it came to his little pumpkin. Well at least that’s what he thought, poor Abigail was sweet, but she was a hot pants and nearly talked to any man that laid eyes on her, but most just wanted her for money. She would even bribe us slaves when she came in late talking bout.

    “Would u like an extra piece of plumper nickel pie?”
   Well you know I took it, but she was a nasty little thing and every time she went out I made sure I was standing near the door when she came back for my piece of pie or something else that interested me. Well when Master Thomas died everything changed it was more peaceful and madam Abigail didn’t put much pressure on us just mostly during check up day when Sir Adam Fisher came to check up on her an old friend of her dads. Abigail had a secret thing for Adam and she loved when he came by she would tell me and the others to bring out her best gown and she would whip someone for Adam just to show him she could handling everything just fine, but when he left she would apologize over a piece of cake because she didn’t like hurting us unless deserved and since we’ve always saved her when her dad was around.
    Back to work I was working in the cotton fields with the others when Madam Abigail called me and a couple others inside to help her with her gown that must mean Sir Adam was going to show and at once he sure did in a carriage with a beautiful white horse leading the way. As madam showed him around,
He said “slaves privacy please” and we all stepped into the kitchen listening with our ears stuck to the wall.
   “Abigail I had a lovely time with you last night I just can’t seem to get you out my mind” Sir Adam mumbled.
She chuckled back “teehee well me too” Abigail announced in a flirty tone.
  “I feel we have something special that I would be devastated to lose so will you marry me? “ Sir Adam announced abruptly.
   For a brief second there was a pause with pure silence and I could almost see mistresses red rosy cheeks and bright smile through the wall, then there was a loud screech.
   “Yes oh, yes oh, yes I will marry you it’s about time for I thought you didn’t notice my flirting.”Abigail screamed as the two joined in a hug and a quick peck on the lips.
That morning Sir Adam moved in and later they were newlyweds. When Madam Abigail announced the news to the others we weren’t too pleased to hear it because more work and Sir Adam wasn’t the nicest man, but we did it because it made Madam Abigail happy and we had to of course. So far the next couple of weeks we were doing house hold chores and washing Sir Adams briefs.
   When one fine morning master Adam had some friends over talking, drinking beer and complimenting how hard working us slaves work and I was enjoying the compliments because we didn’t get many up until he said.
   “How about I take one of them off your hands”.
   One of the men named Joseph Addison announced as he pointed into the crowd. My heart sank into my chest not because of what was happening for this happened on the regular but because the one he was pointing at was none other than my baby girl. Sir Adam agreed as Mr. Joseph Addison gave him a large amount of money and said you will do just fine helping my wife out in the kitchen tapping my baby on the shoulder. As I looked at my baby girl tears running down her face scared straight as she has never been outside of the plantation, with my heart running rapid in my chest.
I ran up to my baby hugging and kissing her telling her “everything will be alright just listen to what the man says and I love you.”
   That was the last words I said to my dear child as I remember the story like it was 5 minutes ago in full detail. Well it was in fact three year ago and I haven’t seen my baby since I just wish there was some way I could see her again I just want to know if she’s okay?, how she’s doing? Is she’s even alive? Did my baby make it? or did he sell her to get by? Those where all questions bobbling around in my head.
   “Why didn’t Madam Abigail say anything for she knew that was my child and after all the mess I den got her out of. “My mind screamed
But I guess it doesn’t matter huh... because I’m just a poor old slave that’s how it is master orders over all huh...and nothing I could do to stop it for they could sell me right now if they wanted.”
   Then tears ran down my face like a waterfall as I started to lay back then quickly jumped up from the sound of horses strolling outside. As I peeked out the window I saw a carriage with two brown horses and I was curious to know who it was. Two people got out a woman and man mistress went to greet them and they proceeded inside. Moments later I heard mistress yell for me as I jumped up throwing on my slippers and dusting myself off expecting to serve tea or pie. What I found at the door was so much better it was my baby girl she looked so grown up and well presented.
   She ran up to me and gave me a hug as we melted into one another’s arms gripping tightly for a while.
mistress interrupted saying “come along  catch up for there will be more time for that she’s staying Sir Joseph said her work was done she did well.”
   I was so proud and happy I could nearly breathe as I thought I would never see my baby again there she was in the flesh.
   “Thank you mistress” I explained.
   As somewhere deep down inside I knew there was love in Madam Abigail.
   “It was the least I could do for you were always good to me.” She proclaimed

The author's comments:

A peice spoken from a slave mother's diary who's child was sold on a plantation

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