My Story on the Underground Railroad

February 28, 2014
This is my story of the Underground Railroad. It all happened when I was 10. Well the day started out like any other day, I woke up and got dressed before breakfast. Then all of the sudden then master son, Adam, came we all knew that he could be any thing that he wanted to do to, to us. When I saw him coming I ran to the field to the day work of picking cotton. I didn’t return until it was time for supper.

At super mama told me why Adam had come he said that I was supposed to be sent to Mississippi in a week. Well to me Mississippi felt like millions of miles away to me. So papa said why not go north to Cabin Creek there we would be free. We made plans to leave in two days when we would have the cover of night.

So that is just what Mama, Papa, and I did. Well not with out some help of a nice old lady. She work with the Underground Railroad, she told us where to go next on the Underground Railroad. Right before we left mama made me put on the warmest things I owned because it would be cold walking. We walked and walked it felt like hours. Then we found what we had been looking for it was the first of our trip on the Underground Railroad. When we knocked on the door the lady that owned the house swept us in the house quitter than a cat chasing a mouse. We stayed with the lady until she let us leave when it was dark so no one would see us leave. While we were there she fed us a hot meal and we slept.

It went that this for a few weeks or so. Then all of a sudden freedom was staring me in the face, it was the Ohio River. All we had to do was cross it and we would be free. We crossed the river just in time while we were almost over Adam and his gang was chasing us to take us back to the south and to slavery. We quickly found cover because the sunrays were flickering on the river’s water like fire.

It took a few more days until we reach Cabin Creek, but by then I didn’t care if I walked all the way to Canada because all I knew was that I was free. We spent about 4 months there. Then we heard the worst news yet. The government passed a new law that said that any one who help slaves were to be thrown in jail. So we fled to Canada, using the Underground Railroad of course. We walk and walked for days and days the food that we got at Cabin Creek was running out.

So I knew what we had to do we had to ask for food and directions. That is what I did I stop at a house that was connected to a church so I knew that the resident would help us. We found out the preacher was a man against slavery and wanted it to stop. He gladly helped us. The preacher gave us warm food and a warm bed.

Then papa got sick real sick. He died a week later. When he died I was just about to go outside in the middle of the day and get captured and go to Mississippi because I thought that it was papa’s idea and that he should be included in reaching Canada and be free to. Then I remembered a speech that papa gave me about being so sad, but being strong enough to take care of mama and make her keep pushing forward and never giving up. So I didn’t.

Then mama said about the same thing I had said. So I gave the speech that papa had given me about never giving up. So she said that we could keep on going north. We made it to Canada within the week. The only thing that kept mama was the speech I gave her that papa had given to me. So here in Canada we live until death itself separates us.

So that is my story of the Underground Railroad I hoped you liked it.

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