Speech to my people

October 10, 2013
Family, Brothers, Friends, Children listen to my words! Our reservation will not be ours much longer. These people are coming, coming to claim OUR land, the land we found, and the land we built our livelihood on! As if, it’s theirs to claim. There is no fairness in this trade. We are a peaceful people, why this must happen to us is a question I know you must be asking. It’s happening because we are peaceful, they know we will not rebel nor make a fool of ourselves by risking our lives. It’s not fair but we must come together to become stronger as people and stronger as a tribe! Do not let the men coming to take us away frighten you. Although I am alone, meaning all my family has gone to the spirits I promise that I will be 1000 times more willing to keep us together, safe and in a spot that is best for all. When my wife went with the spirits she told me protect all of you, her last wish was for me to protect our people! My wife was a wondrous woman for that reason, and many others. There will be a time when we are fond of these people, and maybe help them, but for now, gaurd your own, build your strength in your mind to be calm and reasonable. Do not let what these people do to us bring you down so you are sad or doubtful of your life. Let us stand tall in the hour of sorrow and let us all be brave and mindful! Do not let any negativity of this Earth bring you down.

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