Welcome to Salem!(part 2)

June 15, 2013
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I smiled at her. "Thanks." I shifted my weight to my left foot asking if I could help her. "No it's okay. But I'd be so ever thankful if you help me wash the laundry. I think tis be a great way to get to know one another." I followed her to set my things in the bed beside Mary's and I grabbed the rest of the laundry. We walked to a nearby river and knelt down and began to wash the clothing.
"So tell me about the trials where everyone be called witch." I asked, attempting to make conversation. "Oh. Say nothing and ye be okay. I am one of the Afflicted." I stopped and looked at her. She kept on,"I say ye be apart of us. If i drop, so do ye. If I scream, wait for my signal and scream. Faint,accuse and act." she smiled. "Why? What be the cause of this?" She looked at me then her smile diminished. "I seek to end the man who sold guns to the Indians who killed my family. The others scream and kick and accuse whom they don't like. Tis very easy." sh smirked and returned to her wash. I stayed silent and washed. I thought I'd made a friend but all I did was gain an unwanted invitation to join the Afflicted. A gang. A gang of girls who murder whoever they wanted and they'd be considered saints! "So tell me Maria. Would ye join us? Ye be new here and we'd love to fit ye into our little society. Ye don't have to join now. I'll give ye time. I tell ye, Maria I think we'd be great friends. It'll be perfect!" she smiled

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