Bella's Adventure in the City

June 11, 2013
By sarahs18 BRONZE, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
sarahs18 BRONZE, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
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Bella, who had just moved to New york from Australia, hoped off the train and walked around the station, analyzing her surroundings in depth such as the thousands of bright faced people with their hats tilted to the sides, laughing and saying, “Whos going to the Crib tonight?” and then “Sike! Hahaha” Chatter was everywhere and no pin drop could be heard through the station. From little kids bawling, to teenagers laughing, it was mad in there. Bella tried to hurry out.

“So did you hear about Mayor Lindsay? He is starting all these rules against people here in NYC, its ridiculous! Ugh” arguing, a tall girl in a purple dress complained to her friend. Bella walks over to bother her about a short question. “Do you know where the TumbleStone Middle School is located?” The lady started to laugh, “Funny, I work at the school, part time as my student course. Ill lead you right there, no problem!” The walked down the block where the taxis were flying by, one by one, and loud music was playing all around them. The building were as tall as giraffes, towering over Bella’s head. The Bella had a grin on her face and conveyed her luggage down to the school, down the steep block. She was hoping that maybe her and this new friend would be cronies soon.

The student with the purple dress was named Patty Hearst. She was a short girl with big curly hair and very sophisticated clothes and outfits put together. She was a very friendly girl who seemed to never have been rude or would never torment with an upbeat attitude and high, giggly voice. Patty muttered something to the lady at the front desk and brought bella up to the third floor. She walked up the steps and guided Bella towards the first classroom.
“So you will be working in this classroom with me, part-time, it is a great s.
“Yeah thats sounds great, thank you so much!” Bella said, putting her papers down and luggage.
“No problem. So where are you planning on staying?” Patty asked, very curiously.
“Honestly, I don’t know yet. I’ll figure something out.”
Bella looks around for awhile, as she was admiring the school building and everything inside of it. She turned on the small black squared TV next to all the trinkets lying around and turned to Little House on the Prarie. Bella had loved this show just as a little girl and ever since has been in love with watching it.

She turned around and started walking back to her hotel. She found a small motel on the left way of her office building, checked in, and saw the manager casting a direct look at her. She walked over and gave him her luggage to take up to the room as she traipsed around the lobby and dawdled her way around.

The next morning, Bella woke up and went straight to work. She opened the big wide door and went straight to her classroom where Patty was there, playing with the children. All of the kids were laughing, some were brandishing toys around the room, and some were bawling and kicking other kids. Patty was trying to settle the kids down, making an atonement so all the kids were happy. Bella was savoring the time she spent with the kids as it was her last. She played games, and taught them parts of the alphabet, and sat in a circle and sang songs.

After the long day, her and Patty went straight to lunch. Patty seemed like she was having a beatific experience at the school, so bella was interested in why. “Patty, what is it about the school you love so much ?” Patty pondered for a minute. “It is such a place of safety and learning, and I feel safe there, like nothing bad could ever happen.” After they talked for awhile, the restaurant was closing so the owner was gouging them our of the room. “Ill see you tomorrow!” Patty said, as Bella turned the opposite way.

The next morning, Patty isn’t at school. Bella walks into the school to see that Patty hasn’t logged into the submition list yet. After recieving her pittance for the morning, Bella starts to worry about Patty and now that it was after her arrival hour, before they recieved their pittance for the day. Later in the evening, Bella sees on the news that Patty Hearst was kidnapped by a gang that evening. Bella’s heart had dropped and she began to become scared. She was Bellas only friend that she had and her working partner so she knew she had to find her.

Bella still went to work that next day, but the moment it ended, she led straight to the train station to how Patty was going home that evening. She took a taxi and got dropped off at her spot. Bella went up to all of the people that were there last night at the stores around and asked them, “Did you see this girl last night here, by any chance?” She held up a picture of her. All of the people claimed to seeing her be taken by the men, like bella had witnessed herself on the TV but they had no more information.

With volition, she chooses to continue looking for Patty and doesn’t want to give up until she finds her, so she heads to the park. A motif comes to her mind to go to Patty’s favorite places and see what people know about her and where she could be.

She runs into several people that she doesn’t know and asks them about her friend. Most people were confused, except for one old men, who had looked like he was in contrition, sitting over in the corner of the park. He knew something about her, which was a very tenuous situation. “I was sitting here last night, when a white van pulled over. I think I saw her in that van if my sight is okay. The van stopped and a group of boys got out with Patty in the car and they had a map to Brooklyn. That is all I remember” stuttered the old men. She extolled the man for that information and continued on the mystery.

Bella was relieved that she had solved a puzzle piece together and put the pieces to each other. She thanked the man many times and went on her way. She pulled over a taxi and yelled, “Can you take me to Brooklyn?” The taxi driver nodded his head, and went on. Bella sat in the
back of the car, with her hands folded, and her shaking.

Bella had skipped her job twice and had pretty much forgotten about everything else besides Patty. Once the taxi stopped in Brooklyn, Bella took her purse and jumped out. She looked around to a dark neighborhood and found one open lit up pub and walked inside. She sits next to a couple of girls around her age, laughing and drinking cola . “Can I ask you all something?” The girls turn around and open their ears for Bella to pour out a question. “Have you seen this girl anywhere around here?” All of the girls look at each other and then one of the girls eyes lit up. “Oh my gosh, yes I have” said the blonde girl who was being ingenuity towards the situation. “I saw her on my home this morning. She and another girl were in a van that led to the bottom of the train tracks down north of the street. Ill go there with you, if you need help looking for her”

Bella knew know that she had a chance to find her friend so she went with the girl to the end of the street. They crossed the road and they walked down the steps towards the train station. It was like a maze, there was so many different tracks and courses, but the girl remembered them heading into the first one, so they went straight to that one first.

The two of them walked down to the bottom, and from the corner of their eye, they see the gang walking with Patty and another girl walking behind. Bella flipped out and got so excited that she saw Patty. When Patty saw her, she tried to keep her calm so that the kidnappers wouldn’t notice. Bella pulled out her phone and called 9-1-1. Soon enough, the cops came down and tied a rope around their hands to keep them in watch, and shoved them into the blue and black police car. Both girls including patty were relieved and the cops came over to them and asked them about the situation, and told them they could go home now. “Oh my gosh, I got so scared. Thank you so much for finding me” Patty cried, and hugged Bella.
Bella was so happy she had found her and now she could go back to exploring the city of New York.

The author's comments:
The theme of my narrative is to never give up. This ties into my story because Bella never gave up looking for Patty when she was kidnapped. This theme goes with the end of the story as well because at the end, when Bella ends up finding Patty, it was smart that she never gave up in looking because she saved Patty! This relates to Before We Were Free because the conflicts. The conflicts both have someone stranded and controlled, just how Patty was and how the main character in Before We Were Free was. In total, the theme is to never give up and both stories are related to one another.

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