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May 3, 2013
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Heart of the innocent

The Nazi’s terrorized many innocent people when Hitler was in control. In my sophomore English class we read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, takes place during WWII. Everybody was brainwashed by Hitler’s words except for the Hubermans and the Steiners. The main character was Liesel who lived with her foster parents in Germany. Hans and Rosa Huberman were Liesel’s foster parents because Liesel’s mother and brother died. Her brother died on a train and Liesel’s mom died in a concentration camp. Hans, Liesel’s foster parent, was against the Nazi party and he liked to help the Jews. Hans always does the right thing when he needs to. Hans took a Jew into his house named Max. Max has been traveling to get to Hans house. When he saw Jews in the streets heading to their prison, he gave them bread. Liesel also gave Jews bread when she saw them walk in the street without any punishment. People that do the right thing have a good heart. All humans are born good at heart because everyone is born innocent until something corrupts them.

People can get corrupted during their lives but still born with a good heart. Everyone is born good at heart but what makes people evil is something in their childhood that can change their life forever. Serial killers experience a lot of stress in their early childhood lives. Some causes of stress can be bullying, divorce or death in the family or child abuse. Hitler killed many people by orders or he did it himself. He got all corrupted because he was bullied, almost aborted and was rejected by the school he wanted to go. Those things can trigger people to become killers in the future. Osama Bin Laden was a terrorist who killed many people in 9/11 attack. Terrorist are people who want to put fear into the people by killing civilians. All these people were born good at heart with no bad experiences or anything to corrupt them. Anything can really trigger a person to act differently.

People every day do good deeds that can help or change people’s lives. For example, the U.S troops risk their lives every day to protect our lives from people that want to harm us. Those people were born good at heart until something got into their head to kill many innocent people. Police officers, fire fighters and doctors help save lives every day by doing good deeds. Each of them have a specific job they have to do in case of an emergency to help save lives. There are more than just those people that do good deeds every day. In the Boston marathon bombing there were people who weren’t affected by the blast that decided to help out the people who were injured. Those people not only do good deeds but are heroes. There are some other people that do small little deeds like helping the elder with the chores they have to do. In my neighborhood there are a few elder people, and my dad and I help them out whenever they need help. Those people still have a good heart since they were born.

Some people are born with a good heart since they were born until they die. There are those who risk their lives to help others out. On page 440 of The Book Thief Liesel and Rudy, a friend of hers, gave bread to the Jews that were passing by. They are at risk of getting in huge trouble with the Nazi’s because they are trying to kill all the Jewish people. On page 384 Hans, Liesel’s foster parent, also gave bread to the Jews and he got a whipping for doing that. He did what was right. There are regular people who volunteer to become a soldier out of the good of their heart all over the world to protect their country and their family. Hans was sent to go to war for giving bread to a Jew. Luckily Hans didn’t get caught having a Jew in his basement. He didn’t care about the risk of having a Jew in his basement. He listened to his heart and did the right thing.

Everyone is born good at heart because they have no bad experiences in their lives. The thing that can make people all corrupt like Hitler, Osama, terrorist and serial killers is going through a bad time in their life that makes them think differently. Not many people can say that they have an evil baby because all babies are born innocent. It’s the things they experience that could change them. For example child abuse can lead to corrupted parents who will pass it on to other generations; but that’s there are some laws that protect kids. In The Book Thief Hans was kind enough to help out Jews, which in that time was very dangerous. He didn’t mind dying for a Jew because he has a good heart. He took the risk between life and death to so he can a clean conscience.

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