Wooden Rocking Horse

April 11, 2013
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In 1774, a young girl by the name of Morgan Allister had just come home from helping her Mama go shopping. At the young age of 10, she did not wish to go shopping and be watched by the scary men in the red coats. Today, they were still there. And for once, in a very long time, Papa was in a good mood. He kissed Morgan on the head, along with her little brother, Marcus. The streets were filled with joyful crowds, but Morgan still did not understand.
“Mama, why are people so happy? And why are the men with red coats here?”
“The men are here to watch and listen baby,” Morgan watched Mama take a breath, “Do you remember, Morgan, when all those men were fighting, including your Papa, late at night? And big scary noises could be heard?”
Morgan remembered. The big bangs from guns were like thunder rolling through the air. If she thought hard enough, she could remember every detail of what she heard.

Morgan woke up, screaming being the first thing she heard. It was the year 1770 and tensions were high in South Carolina. Even a 6 year old could tell. She heard men screaming and her Papa loading his musket and slamming the door to go outside. Morgan ran out of bed to see what was happening. Her mother was crying, stress wasn’t good for her. Especially with her expecting her younger sibling soon. At the building across the street, as far as Morgan could see from the window, men were gathered and yelling, the Red Coats holding their guns but not firing. Morgan froze with fear. It was almost as if she could see the malice in the Red Coats’ eyes. The moon hung high. Such a pretty night for the hatred on Earth. Morgan could just make out Papa among the crowd. He was trying to hold back his friend, Crispus Attucks, but it seemed to be failing. Five men, including Mr. Attucks, made it to the front. Morgan could not tell what happened next, but she screamed as the guns fired.

End Flashback.

“Mama will that ever happen again?” Morgan looked at her with big blue eyes.
“Let’s hope not. This state won’t last much longer if it did. If we stay strong, maybe we can make it.”
With that, and with hope in her heart, Morgan closed her eyes, and wished for a better day. Oh, and that little wooden rocking horse that Papa was going to make her.

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