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The Valley of The Dead

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As they walked into the valley they felt fear. Only a sliver but it was still there suppressed only but their intense training. The stood in formation as a volley of arrows came shooting at them. In perfect unison they raised their shields. As the arrows bounced off they saw a huge enemy force coming slowly, confidently in their ability to crush them. The commander of the force thought he saw an opening in the shields so he roared to his troops “CHARGE.” As the enemy force ran they felt it in vibrations the force made as it ran. All of a sudden the shields on top came down and out on their place we spears. For those of the enemy that was not caught on the spears were knocked down by the shields. For the rest of the day they fought hearing screams and smelling blood. At the end both sides suffered from loses and injuries but it was the enemies who retreated from them.
That night the commander of the force was called into the tent of the general. He was scared because he has heard of commanders who have failed an easy task were executed. As he entered the large tent he saluted quickly. “How many have we lost” asked the general with anger in his voice. “We lost two thousand sir.” replied the commander quickly. The general nodded his head slowly. “I will give you some of the immortals for the next assault tomorrow. These men are better than I thought….but before attacking them give them a chance to surrender.” The commander nodded with relief started to walk out. “Commander wait, one more thing.” The commander stopped the fear coming back to him. “Yes sir” he stuttered out. The general looked at him irritated “Who are the name of these warriors?” The commander said “They call themselves Spartans”
At the next day his force larger than before approached the Spartans. The commander walked up with a few of the immortals and waited half way as a group of Spartans approached. Immediately a Spartan King said “Are you here to surrender?” “No we are for you surrender” replied the commander coldly. “Well you know we will not surrender” the king said. The commander looked at the king and said with no emotion “you will lose and then we will kill you and take your soldiers and torture them for information.” And he turned and walked away with his guard. “COME AND GET THEM” yelled the king as he started to walk back with his group. That engagement with the help of the immortals the enemies still could not get past the Spartans.
As the third day dawned the commander stood watching the Spartans from above smiling because in the night a Spartan had come to them with information for them about a passage the Spartans did not know about that they could use to outflank them. At this moment another battle was going on with the Spartans. Slowly the force came down the passage archers on top waiting for the command to fire on the unknowing Spartans below. As his men went into position he gave the command the archers fired and force on the ground charged. The Spartans held off for a few hours many of them dying as the battle went on. When only ten remained corned only holding rocks as weapons the commander approached them. “Surrender” He shouted to them. After a while one of them stepped forward to the commander and went on his knees. As this happened he felt joy that he has finally won and did something that has never happened before capturing a Spartan. It was a short lived joy because the Spartan quickly stood and stabbed the commander in the throat only kneeling to retrieve his blade. This triggered movement from the rest as the all started to fight. The commander died watching the remaining Spartans die fighting.
Forty years later the enemies have left the people come and erect a statue of the Spartan King who had died. On it read "????? ????” which means “Come and Get them.”

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