The Ironic Ruler

March 22, 2013
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I walked through my adopted homeland, Rome, far from my birthplace, Gaul; there is a sense of anxiety in the air as my feet carefully carried me through the Amphitheater. I proudly stood where all the senates could see me. I was the centre of their attention. A silence fell as the wild animals bellow in their cages also sensed something major was about to occur. The slaves fearful of their masters’ wrath quickly and effectively quietened down the restless roars of the lions.
“I Tiberius Claudius Drusus Germanicus declare war on Britannia.” My fellow senates it’s about time that the Roman Empire further expands,” standing still my right hand stretched out encouraging the senate to agree with me, while my eyes fested upon those that might disagree.
As murmurs began to spread I clampt my jaws together and knew that I must react quickly before my rivals began a vicious attack to distinguish my plan.
Raising my left hand for silence I demanded all that were present to listen.
“Rome needs to further expand in order to continue to show our enemies our power and embed fear in their soldiers.”
“I shall accompany our generals in their conquest of Britannia, to rally and encourage their strength in battle against our enemies. ``

Without acknowledging the rise of protesting murmurs, I walked out with my robes flowing behind me.
My head slave hurried to shield me from the burning sun rays.
I felt sweat beading across my forehead as I continued to walk with a smirk on my face. Knowing that the senate knew my plans would not be stopped, I wondered who would build a rebellious debate against my expansion of Rome.
I was rudely stopped by my wife, Agrippina the Younger.
“Why Claudius, what a pleasure it is to see you near the markets,” she whispered, as she bestowed a kiss on my cheek.
My eyes roamed her beautiful servant, Minerva, who bowed her head to the ground.
My face lit up when not so far, Nero, my adopted son stood talking to the commander. My clever wife reached out and touched my tunic. She slightly positioned me facing Nero.
“Look Claudius, Nero is forever building our family, power and authority in Rome.” Agrippina slowly walks behind me. I can feel her breath against my neck.
She whispers in my ear,” Nero…is always looking out for you. My smile turns to a grin.
Nodding my head as it is evident that Nero is a true son and leader for Rome.
`` Nero knows of my plans and is supportive and willing to please me at all cost my dear Agrippina your he is an asset not only to me but to Rome.``
Without another word I continue to walk ahead my feet following the path to Nero and the general. Towards my fate to Britannia.

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moit1234 said...
Mar. 28, 2013 at 3:29 am
epic story
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