March 14, 2013
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Have you ever regretted a decision that you have made? Everyone in the United States did on the cold, stormy day that Jacob Alexander was sworn into office. Its almost as if the earth predicted something bad was going to happen based on its weather patterns. Nobody knew it yet, but that was the start of a new era. Dictatorship.

It started out like a normal run for president, but suddenly took a turn for the worst. President Alexander was looking at all of the famous documents that has shaped the country into what it is today. He then asked all of his bodyguards if he could take a look at the documents by himself. When everyone had left the facilities, he started to do something that would change the country forever.

He proceeded to take a couple small, flat pieces of C4 out of the inside pocket of his suit jacket. He carefully placed all of the little pieces on top of all of the important documents. Even though he knew he was all alone, he was still working sneakily so nobody would notice unusual behaviors.

As he was finishing up placing the C4, a janitor walked past the room, and went to go say hi to the president, and congratulate him on his accomplishment. As he was walking up he saw what was happening, and silently, slowly walked backwards trying not to draw attention to himself. As soon as he got out of view of the president, he sprinted towards the back room containing security cameras all over the building.

When Mr. Alexander got to the box containing the U.S. Constitution, he set up a different document inside a massive, indestructible container right above it. He acted like nothing was going to happen, and walked right out the door.

When the president and all of his men crossed the street right outside the building that housed the famous documents, the president said he needed to take a call. When the president dialed the numbers on his cell phone, nobody knew that those were the numbers that if called would blow up all freedom in the United States. He called the number.

Instantly the building burst into flames. The president reached into his suit liner again, pulled out a fully automatic pistol, and shot all of his bodyguards in the heart. The United States was now a dictatorship.

This was no ordinary man, Mr. Alexander. He had planned everything out down to the very last detail. He used more terrorists as his Vice President, and replaced all of the cabinet with them too. On the day he destroyed the documents, he had made plans for all of his men in the program to shoot all workers who helped make decisions that effect the country.

The men executed the plan perfectly. They had killed every single last person that would try to get rid of the new president.
Since nothing was going to stop him, he designed it so that just one man, the dictator, would have to approve of anything, to put it into action. With all the power he had, he wiped out the entire country, and started the whole thing with a new design. He made everything very organized, and very easy to keep track of. So if anybody tried to do anything he or she wasn't supposed to, they would receive punishment very instantaneously and harsh.

He made the United States into districts that were very large. Each district had four smaller subdistricts. One to each major direction of the main district. One subdistrict to the north, south, east. and west. The country was outraged with the man. He had just taken away all of their freedom to live wherever and however they wanted.

In the process of completely changing the United States, he took away any freedom whatsoever. This included going to any church or school at you wanted. This meant all kids had to go to the school closest to them and that couldn't be changed.

In every subdistrict, there were the needs for survival and daily living. Each subdistrict had one school, a supermarket, a library, a bus system, and a work center for all the adults.

This man explained that he was a terrorist, and that the country had been fooled by him. Even after he had said this, there was absolutely nothing that the country could do to disempower him. Because the constitution had been burnt, there was no ability to impeach a ruler who was incorrectly running the country.

The United States were outraged with this. They couldn't believe that they were so ignorant to elect a terrorist. Or the fact that the terrorist had covered up his past enough to be put in the running.

The dictatorship had been going on for about a week, when the country realized they were being pushed way too far. The government had enforced a law requiring the people to give up any jobs, to work for the government. The people were so angered, that they started organizing a rebellion. After just a week of putting up with the new ruler, it finally crossed the line.

The man who started the rebellion was named Doug Smith. His house was raided in search for men the age of 25-30. The government was trying to find men these ages to use as test subjects for new medicines that were being invented. Thankfully Mr. Smith was was in his late 50's, so the officers didn't want him.

Doug Smith may not have been of the right age to be taken away and used inappropriately, but his son was the right age. Doug's son Jim had been staying with his dad for the week because his dad had recently been having some health issues. Jim was a very kind twenty-six year old gentleman. He cared about everyone, and especially his dad, wife, and daughter. Jim was taken away when he was visiting his father to take care of him.

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pulledheartstring said...
Mar. 19, 2013 at 2:12 am
Your title, dictatorship, caught my eye. I really like history about dictatorships, and the story was-- interesting. I just wanted to read more.
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