Historical Fiction: Wright brothers

February 24, 2013
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The date Thursday, December 17, 1903 the day we have all been hoping for after the sad attempt that happened only two days ago we're all hoping that second time's a charm. There wasn't many of us in the field of North Carolina but we had all put a lot of work into this project. There were five crew members including myself and then there was Wilber and Orville Wright. Yesterday Wilber was the pilot and now it was time for Orville to get in the sky. You can tell their brothers they have to share, their mother taught them well, though I bet she didn't think they would be sharing a flying machine.
"Hey stop daydreaming help me get this thing in position." Shouted one of the other crew members. We had to push the thing of beauty. Her name? the Kitty Hawk. She wasn't the first flying machine but the Wrights hoped she would be more able to do than just reach the air. They were hoping that the pilot could control it once it was in the sky, and after the first flight that dreamed was definitely possible. The Kitty Hawk flew but she ended up crashing that's why we're here today. Hoping that this time she'll stay up.
The boys and me put her into position. She was light, luckily, she needed to be if she was going to fly, and if we were going to move her. Up front was Wilber ready to spin the prop.
"stand back boys" shouted Wilber. I was walking away with the rest of the crew when Orville shouted back.
"Hey, you boy" I turned around and pointed at my chest in confusion
"yeah you. Get over here." I did. I was worried that I had done something wrong. Maybe I had been daydreaming too much, I get in trouble for that one a lot.
"Hey. Can you do me a favor?" I nodded. He handed me his camera. It was big and chunky and very new to me. Orville leaned out of the plane and pointed to the button on the top of the camera "Listen. you see this button?"
"Now I want you to push it right after takeoff. It'll take a picture of the plane in the air."
"Sure. I can do that."
"Go far away. We don't want you to get run over." said Wilber
"But I wouldn't. you'll fly over me." I said Orville and Wilber laughed at that and Wilber gave me a bit of a shove while still laughing.
I stepped away from the plane and ran a bit of the way down the field, I'm guessing about two hundred feet. I took my stance held the camera up and looked in the shutter, I saw the kitty hawk. When I was ready I gave them a thumbs up and Wilber turned the prop. It took a couple times before the engine finally started but when it did everyone knew it was so so loud and all the men put their hands over there's ears except for me and the brothers. Orville because he was flying, Wilber because he needed to push the plane, and me because I had both hands on the camera. Then Wilber started pushing the wind wasn't too bad so Wilber could steady the wings so Orville wouldn't crash again. Then it happened the kitty hawk lifted off the ground. I almost forgot to click the button but I didn't. I took the picture just as it was in the air. The whole flight was 12 seconds but it didn't crash Orville landed safe and sound. The crew immediately ran over and checked the machine. There was nothing that needed to be done the plane was all safe
"ok my turn little brother" yelled Wilber. so we pushed the machine back in place so Wilber would have enough room to fly without crashing.
"Here" I handed Orville the camera after he got out of the plane.
"thanks chap"
"don't mention it"

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