The Journey

February 15, 2013
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I count three days I've been on this journey, no hope to see the sun ever again. I close my eyes and pretend I'm somewhere far away staring at the sea... then suddenly horror interrupts me the sounds of crying babies being born, screaming women, and the people of my kind moan and groan. (sigh) If I could only break these chains. To my left my sister's head hangs dangerously low if she was alive it never showed she would take glances at me and lay down her head and by day five ..she was dead. Silent tears fell from eyes. The ship tossed and turned my skin dry and burned it was heaven if some sea water made it through the cracks of the ship and hit my hot flesh. To my right i was chained to a beast I thought. I slightly turn my head as far as the shackle would let me. I see a very big black man with high cheekbones.. my God he was a sight for my tired eyes. I could see his beauty in the dark. Every night he would lay his head back and try to find sleep and peace, his hand would touch mine but he would never speak to me. Day 6 It's morning and we're still on this ship isn't joy supposed to come in the morning Lord i ask where are you ?. A lot of us were dead because most weren't fed but what was food to us ? Freedom would have filled us. New born babies,dead mothers, lost sisters and brothers.. all I had was My heavenly father. The smell of urine,feces and vomit filled thee entire lower deck "Lord please just hand me my death" I was ready. I guess God had heard the ship had stopped and we were being pulled out of the bowels of hell. There it was my old friend.. the sun, I let out a cry of joy but was quickly reprimanded by a man with no color. While walking I took a look back at that horrible ship and let out a loud cry as i saw these colorless men throw my sister off of it .. her body was being tore by sharks even the sea did not like us. I prayed oh I prayed that God had my sister's heart. They oiled me and and oiled my down and put me on a plank and screamed "nigga gal for sale! nigga gal for sale!" I saw all the people with no color.. so many pale faces. Standing beside me was the beast gentle and broken he was. He looked at me with pain and love in his eyes the whips marks on his back had spelled defeat and with the final thought after being sold i said to God "protect the beast and may he see you one day along with the rest of us and Be Free"


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ronnie345 said...
Feb. 22, 2013 at 10:27 am
EXCELLENT!!!!! I love all The Visuals and how it painted a picture for the reader.
BriannaR replied...
May 30, 2013 at 6:21 pm
Thank you so much, I realize I am a thousand  years late but i do appreciate your feedback
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