Child of the Gods

January 18, 2013
Child of the Gods

As Ajax enters the Spartan camp he empties his pockets as is policy to keep security tight. Under the reign of King Leonidas a Spartan warrior carries little on the battle field other than the necessities, their simple bronze shield, a sword, and the trusty spear. He takes out some common rations, a sweetbread and his jug of water, he then removes his locket that he carries around his neck with a little note inside. Finally he removes a small bronze dagger, a few gems he retrieved and an animal pelt he carried around his neck. Ajax was a tall broad man of twenty three years of age. He was far superior to his other comrades and was frequently promoted but turned it down because he did not want a major leadership role. He was content with his current rank and wanted to keep it that way.
When Ajax was born he was much larger than most babies. His mother decided to name him after Ajax The Great, a mythological hero in Homer’s The Illiad. Spartan boys begin their training as early as 14, because Ajax was so big for his age he began even earlier at only 12 years old. He was a spectacular sight; he overcame obstacles with ease when others struggled. As he grew older Ajax proved even more the strength he would provide to the most powerful army in the world. As time passed Ajax was valued as an asset to the army and was frequently sent out to battle. He enjoyed this though because he loved the Spartans and wanted to protect his family. Ajax often hung out at the local bar when he was not in the field, as most of the Spartans did, but never fell into temptations and always stayed at a certain level of sobriety. All of his superiors respected him as did his comrades and often looked to him for advice. For this and his desire for war many people referred to him as Ajax, Child of the Gods.
Family meant everything to Ajax as his mother was a major part of his life at home and in-between battles. Ajax’s mother, Boeotia was a supporting Spartan mother who lost her husband to battle when Ajax was only five. Since glory and honor are a major part of Spartan culture Boeotia was proud of her husband knowing that he had died a glorious death that would honor their families and the king for generations. Once Ajax was fit enough to begin training he worked every day in order to achieve the glory his father had and not let his family down. That’s why Ajax wears the necklace around his neck every day no matter where he goes. It was a gift from his father to his mother when they first met. It was made of pure gold that never faded or rusted. He wore it for the sentimental value and for the note that his father wrote him before he died Saying:
“Son, if I do not return from this battle I am in hopes that you will continue your father’s legacy and fight on, fight until you can fight no more son, know that I will be there to guide you. Protect your mother with everything you have and know that Ares is with you.
Your Father, Kratos”

Ajax kept these words to himself and promised he would do all of these things as he read the note every day. Now were back to the Spartan base where has just returned from his late night hunt which he had successfully killed a buck. Hunting isn’t required for the Spartans as many of their trips are as long as 2 years so they bring animals along with them. Ajax frequently goes on these hunts to relieve his mind from the constant thought of peril. In the camp Ajax was the most powerful warrior above all the generals and even King Leonidas himself. He has just retrieved his items and is on the way back to his tent. He greets his bunkmate Abas who is also a high ranking warrior who is almost as good as Ajax himself. They didn’t talk much, none of the Spartans did unless they were in the mess hall or at a bar. Other than that they would focus on training and the battle at hand. On the way to the hall Ajax was stopped by his general Kronos which was odd since the higher ranking warriors usually hung out in their quarters with each other and would only come out for battle or strength training. But today he had an important message that would change Ajax’s life forever.

“Ajax come here for a moment you might want to sit down for this.. I just received a message from your village Rotar, they were ransacked and the village was destroyed”

“What? How many people survived?’

“None, they were all massacred and only a few escaped, one of the ones killed was your mother, Ajax I’m sorry”

Ajax was at a loss of words

“Who did this?”

“Who else but the Persians, they slipped behind our defenses and destroyed your village and another, they are trying to get at us, and disrupt us from the fight, they know about you Ajax and your strength.”

“So this was my fault?”

“No but I would be careful, do you have any other family alive?”


All Spartans deal with death in a defensive manner, Ajax later found out that his mother had died fighting so even she had passed away in glory. Ajax soon realized that his only remaining family member, the mother who took care of him since the day he was born, who had raised him to be who he was without the help of a father was now dead. Ajax was filed with a rage so strong and filled with passion that he thought to take his own life. He went back to his tent and grabbed his sword and was about to walk to the woods when his bunkmate stopped him.

“Ajax what are you doing!”

“Quiet Abas I must die I have no family left”

“So avenge them, die in a glorious battle that would be told for generations, fight until the death Ajax, this is the way of the Spartan and you don’t want to dishonor your family and everything we fight for.”

“At least sleep on it Ajax, you’re not in the right mindset to make any big decisions right now.”

“Fine I will give it until tomorrow Abas”
That night Ajax went to bed and struggled to fall asleep. Suddenly he was in a war torn battlefield. He had no idea where he was and began to walk around. The smell of burned flesh and wood ran up Ajax’s nose giving a gross smell. The butcher shop was burnt to the ground with all the meat stolen by the attackers. He soon realized where he was, he recognized the old tree he used to climb the nearby pond he used to play in, it was his home town of Rotar the place he grew up, where he became who he was. His neighbors were massacred some to the point where they couldn’t be recognized. Then he saw a woman walking slowly to him, it was his mother, she was smiling. Behind her lay the corpse of her assassin, but she was bleeding, badly and he knew she wouldn’t survive he walked over to her and she muttered one audible sentence.
“Ajax, my son, child of the gods… Fight”
Ajax awoke unsheathed his sword and began training.

Kronos came rushing to the training ground. “The battle has begun”
The battle, the battle that every Spartan dreams to fight in, has begun. The battle would go down in history as one of the greatest last stands of all time, The Battle of Thermopylae, where 300 Spartans along with 5000 Greek soldiers of other city-states would fight against 300,000 Persians in a small passageway. Ajax did not know at this time but this group of legendary fighters would write history.

The Spartans were ready to go in 15 minutes and were packed for a seven day battle with supplies to come if it was needed. As they approached the battle scene the fighting had already begun with the Greeks out in front fighting head on with the Persians. Led by King Leonidas the Spartans were ordered to guard the passageway behind the Greeks in case any Persians got through the lines.

Days passed and it looked like the Greeks were getting annihilated, as the Persians outnumbered them 60:1. Suddenly the last Greek soldier fell to an arrow in the chest and the Persians pressed on. King Leonidas turned to his soldiers and give his last speech to all of them.
“Men! Remember what you fight for, fight for the innocent women and children of Greece! Fight for glory and honor. Fight for Sparta!”

This was followed by a loud cheer from the warriors and a new found hope for glory. The Spartans made rushed forward in a perfect line as they have been trained. King Leonidas spots Ajax and calls his name.

“Ajax! I have heard a lot about you and your accomplishments. I want you to fight by my side.”

“Of course your majesty it would be my honor.”

“Let us fight till the death my friend.”

“Of course”

Ajax and Leonidas Stayed at the back of the group and fought. All of the Spartans are ground soldiers so there was no aid from arrows or projectiles, but close combat was the Spartans specialty. The 300 Spartans fought for 3 days against the 300,000 Persians. As their numbers diminished King Leonidas spoke to Ajax for the last time, “It is time to go”

They charged in and fought but soon became overwhelmed, suddenly a spear was thrown at the king, Ajax jumped in front and took the hit. The war was over, King Leonidas was soon overtaken and killed with an arrow, all Spartans were dead, but around them laid the bodies of 75,000 Persians slain by 300 men who fought for honor, and for Sparta.

As the Persians advanced they noticed a man still standing. They approached him and saw it was the corpse of Ajax standing over his dead King, never wavering even in death.

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