Into Oblivion

January 16, 2013
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The sound of my drum as I tapped away at it, the beautiful resounding sound. The sound of the commander as he shouted his orders. The sound of gunfire, the sound of heart throbbing screams that pierced through the air - bone chillin’. The sound of the bayonet as it pierced my flesh, the cracking of the bone as it was thrusted into my ribs. The sound of bullets creating bloody-red holes in my arms and legs. The sound of my body as it hit the cool ground, now stained with blood. The sound of my drum as it smacked against the earth. Screams echoed around me, screams of suffering.

Red. The color of passion...the color of blood. Crimson blood pooled out from under me, surrounding what was left of my body. I needn’t look - for it is as clear as day - what has happened to me. I could feel a metal rod lodged into my chest. The metal was cool and reminded me of the cold hardtack I ate before battle. I could feel the blood seep out from the incision the rod made. Clenching my teeth, I swallowed a scream.

Death. The final event of my short lived life. My life force being drained by the second. Laying there knowing that I couldn’t prevent the end was one of the worst feelings. Knowing that the blood would flow from my body and my spirit would wander.

Pain. A scream escaped my mouth - long and high pitched. I didn’t want to scream - it would give me away - but the screams came anyway. It smelled like my flesh was rotting underneath the intense rays of heat.

I could hear death knocking on my door - it was loud and clear. It was coming to take me away from this world, the time had come to leave all that I love behind me. Whether or not I was ready wouldn’t even be considered, my fate had been decided the second we marched onto the battlefield.

“Stay with us solider!” Someone barked at me as I was lifted off the ground. I didn’t want to stay with this pain. I wanted to leave it behind and never look back. The ones who were carrying my body set me down onto some sort of table and I could hear people rushing over to me. They were talking frantically, and I could only pick up bits and pieces of their conversation.

“What are we to do! This one is hurt badly.”

“Don’t touch the bayonet! If we take it out he’ll...”

“Sir! It appears that this solider isn’t...”

“Not only that but...”

“Hurry! We’re running out of time!”

“We’re gonna have to amputate! There’s gangrene!”

I knew they had already found out, my secret wasn’t a secret no more. Hands held down my right arm as someone cut off the circulation. Cutting off the circulation stopped the blood flow - not the pain. A sharp tool cut into my skin as I let out a blood-curdling scream. It echoed throughout the entire area, sending shivers up everyone’s spine. Normally it wouldn’t affect them, but in my case I was an entirely different story...I wasn’t one of their normal patients.

My body jerked around frantically as the saw crunched through the bone. I expected more pain to come but the pain vanished. All of my senses went numb as I closed my eyes. I imagined my body lying on the table as the doctors and assistants worked on my wounds. I imagined them rushing around trying to save me from the one called death that was patiently waiting at my door. Their efforts would be in vain though, I was leaving this world, and I wasn’t gonna come back. I felt as though I was floating, floating to the door at which death was waiting.

“ROSE!!!” Someone screamed, interrupting my peaceful end. “Don’t leave me alone Rose!” The voice came from a now sobbing little boy. I knew who this boy was, he was my dear little brother.

“Samuel...” I wanted to scream out to him, tell him everything would be alright, but death wouldn’t allow it. I was only allowed to say his name in a mere whisper. I continued to drift towards the door, though now it was unwillingly. I didn’t want to leave Samuel alone. Since all those dear to us were killed, if I left him he wouldn’t have anyone to call family. Nowhere to call home. If I couldn’t reach Samuel, then...

“SAMUEL!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, but my screams couldn’t reach him. Looking at the door - which was now closer than earlier - I realized I really didn’t want to leave. I want to go back, I’ll deal with the pain. “Let me go back!” I shouted into the air as some tears escaped from my eyes. My screams and pleas didn’t help. “I go back.” I managed to choke out before the door opened before me. I was enveloped in darkness as I floated through. I heard a raspy voice, “This is the end.” Before I vanished into oblivion.

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