A bumpy wagon ride

January 14, 2013
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I was sitting on the wheel of an old farm tractor. You know the ones with the big huge wheels that look like they belong on a monster truck. My boyfriend, Ryder was sitting on the tractor seat with his head resting on the huge wheel. He had another migraine which he had been getting often since he hit his head the week before. Ryder’s eleven old sister, Bailey was sitting on the other wheel trying to copy me. She looks up to me and she likes it when I come over to hang out. It was dusk and we were talking about starting a bonfire before our friends got there but none of us had moved. We were all really tired because it had been a long day. Bailey and I had walked around our tiny town all day long looking for clues into our towns pass. Ryder and his dad had been cutting and stacking wood all day trying to get ready for the colder weather.

Something strange was going on tonight. I felt like someone or something was looking at me from the corner of the woods. That was when I saw him the first time. I thought it was just my imagination, but then I heard Bailey gasp for air and I knew it wasn’t. She had seen him too. There was a ghost standing there and it looked like he had been run over by a wagon. His jacket was ripped on the left side and so were his pants. He was missing his right shoe. The air had smelt like death to me. The smell was like decaying flesh. I could hear the crunch of his bones as the wagon ran over him and didn’t stop.it was the guy his wife was having an affair with that ran him over. He ran him over and then just left him there so he could have his wife. He had died from the loss of blood. His son had found him cold and lifeless in a pool of his blood. The son didn’t know what to do, so he made a six foot coffin and dug a shallow grave in the field behind their house. He put his dad in the coffin and buried him.

I saw all of this happen like it was happening right there in front of my very own eyes. I felt like I had a personnel connection with this ghost now. I knew his story like he was the one telling me.

That was one of the scariest days of my life. I still see the man, but now he seems friendlier. Sometimes he will even try to smile even though it is hard because of the gash on his cheek. It’s like he is finally glad that someone knows his story. Someone that can maybe help him get revenge on the guy that killed him.

When I finally came out of the zoning (I think that is the easiest way to explain what it was) Ryder was looking at me with a worried look on his face. I must have been zoned out for a long time. Ryder said to me “Em, what did you see?” just then our friend Hank had come up the driveway so I replied with “I’ll tell you later. I don’t want anyone being scared on a night full of friendship”.

All of our friends had shown up and we started the fire. Soon Ryder’s mom came out with the cookies and hot chocolate shelbey and I had made earlier. After all of our friends went home I went upstairs into Ryder’s bedroom and started playing the movie cars 2. That’s my all-time favorite movie and I watch it almost every night. About 10 minutes into the movie Ryder came up with a bag of popcorn. He asked me what I had seen earlier and I told him. I also told him Ryder had seen the ghost too.

So in case you didn’t get it out of the story, I see ghosts. Most of the time I see the way that someone died. If someone killed them I see that. It’s a special gift that I think is very helpful. I could be the next big murderer hunter.

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