Bill Gates: Paving the Path to the Future

December 3, 2012
From the day Bill Gates was born in the sunniest part of America, near the brightest window, he was programming, and paving the path to the future. He was born with a pen and paper in his hands. Even before baby Bill had his hands on any computer, he was programming, and programming, writing his programs using pen and paper. He wrote programs on paper every minute he was awake, much faster than a cheetah could run. Bill Gates was paving the path to the future.
Later, when Bill was five and attended school, he had already written a huge tome of what most people at that time thought was full of nonsense. Everyone ridiculed his abilities. Even his best friend in elementary school was a rock when it came to convincing him that the book of programs was not written in gibberish, but in an advanced programming language that Bill had invented. Bill sat in the brightest area in the room near the windows and learned his studies well. Still, at home, he was programming more than ever, despite his parents’ and teachers’ discouragement, telling him that he was doing nothing productive. Bill stood still like a tree stump in a running river, in his position and never heeded any teasing or intimidating words from his peers and parents who didn’t know his true potential. He shot for the sky and was paving the path to the future.
By the time little Bill became big Bill, he was in Harvard University, after writing enough programs to span the distance from the Sun to Earth a million times, the perfect opportunity that Bill was waiting for ran smack into his face. The first ever personal computer was created and people sought a person who could program and design software for it. Like Bill had just won the lottery, he exclaimed in jubilation, “Yippee!" only to see his parents be indifferent about the great chance because they didn't want Bill to drop out of college to pursue an unproductive vocation. But Bill knew that he was paving the path to the future.
Bill was as hardworking as an ant, as smart as an owl, and as persistent as a tortoise. He had many competitors, such as Steve Jobs, but to Bill, there were fleas, threatening him with their minuscule legs and squeaky voices to drag down Bill's mighty enterprise. He worked harder and harder every day with his computer. A year later, he was done, but his operating system didn't have a name. As he glanced at his office window, with the sun beaming down a ray of inspiration, he quickly named his operating system “Windows.” Pretty soon, his computer began spreading like wild?re, changing the way everyone lived, and revolutionizing the Digital Age. Organizing and compiling data had never been faster and easier to do, and communication had never been simpler. For everyone, Bill Gates was constantly paving the path to the future.

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