The Final Clue

November 19, 2012
By PrinceKameron BRONZE, Lancaster, Ohio
PrinceKameron BRONZE, Lancaster, Ohio
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I wake up in what looks like an abandoned hotel room. I notice a note on the bedside table also the walls of the room are stained red. The note reads

‘The final clue is just around the corner. Be careful!!’ I hear a faint but audible knock on the old mahogany door. I look through the peephole nervously and see a line of trucks and tanks aiming at the little hotel room. I see on the side of their vehicles is a swastika. I hear someone shout like they were directing the vehicles,

“Shoot until your ammo runs dry, kill that little Jew”

I look down to see a yellow star on my shirt. I yell out the boarded up windows,

“Stop this, what makes us different that you have to kill us, we are all human beings!” He commands them to stop with a wave of his hand and walks over with an amulet in his hands. He opens the door and shows it to me I think,

‘That is the final clue.’ He hands it to me and says,

“I am doing this from the kindness of my heart and I believe you need this for something.”

The author's comments:
I give all my dedication to my friend Sage.

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