Trip to Le Bernardin

November 9, 2012
By ashley Mawby BRONZE, Romulus, Michigan
ashley Mawby BRONZE, Romulus, Michigan
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Trip to Le Bernardin
Last night my boyfriend, Ryan came home from work later than normal, and without saying a word to me he went up stairs straight into our bedroom. I tried to ignore the fact that he completely ignored me when I said hello and that I loved him because I knew his day at work had to have been very long and exhausting. A few minutes passed, and I heard him come down the stairs, again without saying anything to me he went to the basement and got back to work, which was not normal. It began to upset me but again without letting it bother me I went back to cleaning the house. It was early fall so it was my ritual house cleaning time, so nothing was getting in my way, not even my upset boyfriend. A couple hours had passed and he finally came upstairs and said hello, I love you, & how was your day. As I respond he out of nowhere started crying and said my job is beyond over whelming and I can’t take it anymore. He began to explain that being an environmentalist is the most irritating job because no one listens to your ideas. In instant reaction I hugged him and said that it was his choice on what he wanted to do, although his job alone brought in mostly all the household income I told him that he could do anything and maybe this job was not working out.
The next day he came home, he looked at me and said I love you as he normally does and asked me to go out to dinner. I said, “of course but where do you want to go”. In response he said, “I have reservations somewhere, just get dressed up and we will leave in about an hour.” I was honestly more confused than anything in the world, because my boyfriend hated going out to eat where pointless buildings were built on perfect land. As we pulled up to the restaurant I was not expecting “Le Bernardin”. A beautiful building with a water fountain spewing water out like it came from diney land, almost like what you would see in a magazine. We walked in the doors and immediately was greeted and taken to our seats after my boyfriend gave the woman our last name. As I looked over the menu, I noticed that the restaurant held caviar, Filet Mignon, and Halibut. Without knowing what the occasion was for and why we were in such an expensive restaurant I ordered the Filet Mignon. After we ordered our food, we sat there talking about his decision of changing his profession. To my acknowledgement he wanted to quit as of the night before, but with the biggest smile on his face he told me that he earned the biggest promotion you can receive in the business. No longer needing approval of anyone else in the building he was now the one approving other people’s ideas. He explained that when he walked in the doors this morning he was seconds away from telling everyone he was quitting, but had a phone call half way through his day to go and see the CEO of the company. They sat there for a good half hour talking about his work over the past couple years and how much he’s grown in the field that he was placed. Although he did not feel like he was doing the work to the best of his ability, the CEO of the multibillion dollar company loved everything he has done since the moment he walked through the door about seven years ago. Although Ryan was working closer to the bottom of the business and there was usually a procedure into who followed into the CEO’s position after retirement, he asked Ryan how he would feel about taking on this position. New benefits, more money, but more responsibilities and more attitudes he would have to deal with. Apparently with no hesitation he took on the job and is now the CEO of a multibillion dollar company.
After Ryan explained all of this to me in the littlest detail possible I wiped my eyes from crying because of how happy I was for him stood up and gave him the biggest hug I ever gave anyone. We finally received our dinner and had one of the most romantic nights I have ever experienced. As we were finishing our food, Ryan went to the bathroom. Though, on his way to the bathroom he stopped to talk to someone that I had never seen before. And instead of talking he was in the man’s face whispering in his ears. I was not sure what my boyfriend was up to but it seemed a little off to me. About five minutes later he returned and sat down without saying anything, looked up said I love you and out of nowhere I heard violins playing right behind me. In surprise I looked behind me, started smiling, turned around and saw my boyfriend on one knee. In complete shock I held one hand over my mouth, and started balling my eyes out. He went to open his mouth and had a hard time getting the words out but he finally pulled it together and said
“Ashley, you have been with me through the past seven years, stuck by my side and gave me all the guidance I have ever needed in all the decisions I have ever made. I know that we fight and argue but the good times that we hold together outweigh the bad and I have never been happier to sit here on one knee asking the women of my dreams to marry me. I know, that you are the one and that you are the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. So, will you marry me?”
In complete shock I stood up, pulled him up and stood there in the middle of the restaurant hugging him while everyone stared waiting for an answer to finally come out of my mouth. Finally pulling away from him I wiped my eyes, looked straight into his and said, “Of course I will marry you”. With everyone whistling, clapping, and cheering he looked right into my eyes and said, “I love you, today tomorrow and always, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”
We decided that we were not ready to get home yet so we decided that we wanted to go to the movies to see one of the most romantic movies of all times, The Titanic. As we walked out of the restaurant it was pouring down rain, one of the worst rain storms we had seen in a very long time. We ran to the car in instant reaction and sat there waiting for the car to warm up. Laughing, kissing, blushing, and heavy breathing caused the windows to fog up really bad but that is another thing that we did not seem to care about at that giving point in time. Being so madly in love is something that we did not care for the whole world to see, so we made sure that everyone knew how we felt about each other. We finally got on the road though, and started getting on our way to the movie theater.
As we arrived to the movie theater it finally stopped raining and we were able to walk into the movies without getting completely soaking wet. Throughout the movie all you heard was “ooooohs” and “ahhhhhs” and then tears. But as the movie ended we heard a bunch of clapping and cheering. We stuck around till the theater cleared out so we would not get trampled through all the people trying to leave. But to our surprise as we returned to the car it was storming much worse than it was when we left the restaurant.

We started on our way home, with no radio on, no speaking to each other and the wind shield wipers going what seemed like a thousand miles an hour so my fiancé could focus on the road and getting us home as safe as he could. As we came up to a stop light we slowed down sooner then we should have but Ryan was so scared of losing control of the car that he took all precautions possible. A few moments went by and out of nowhere all the electricity on the whole block we were driving on went out. And as we let go of the break to go through the intersection one of the worst things that could happen did happen. Someone, T-Boned our car, causing Ryan to completely lose control of where he was going and spinning us into a light pole. Knocking us both unconscious, and leading us into the hospital where we ended up separated and on monitors that made the most irritating noise I heard in a very long time. Not knowing how I got where I was I hit the nurses button. The nurse came and looked at me like she was beyond surprised; I went to open my mouth to speak and realized that I was incapable of opening my mouth. The nurse waved her hand at me and asked me to try and keep still and that my jaw was knocked out of its socket and I had to go through surgery to get it back in place. To her acknowledgement she was told that I was very lucky to still be alive. I kind of just laid there staring not knowing what to do, she examined me, asking me to move my figures and toes to make sure all circulation was okay. But as she started to walk out of the room I moaned so that she could hear me, being worried about my fiancé and wanting to know how he was doing I wanted her to tell me everything she knew. Being surprised to the amount of noise I made, she turned around and said the doctor would be in to explain more to me shortly. But as I was waiting, I fell asleep due to the amount of pain I had.

The sun started coming through the hospital window as I began to wake up the next morning, the heat from the sun was warming me up and made me feel one hundred times better. I opened my eyes, to see Ryan sitting right beside my bed in complete shock he started crying his eyes out and apologizing about how much of an idiot he was for losing control of the car. I tried to speak again and this time words actually came out of my mouth, but Ryan would not let me talk. He said he did not know what he would do if he had lost me. The doctor came in, and explained to us that the both of us were lucky to still be alive. The total impact of the truck hitting us caused us to slide right into a pole, me into my fiancés lap and my head through the window. Me saving my fiancé from any horrid injuries, he was able to walk away from the accident and leaving me in a hospital bed. The doctor said that the injuries I gained were not anything to the extent of not being able to recover but I would have to take it slow for a couple days. We were able to leave the hospital that night, as we did. Finally arriving home, my fiancé carried me up the stairs laid me in our bed, laid down next to me, whispered into my ear and said I love you today, tomorrow and always, goodnight sweetheart.

The author's comments:
My inspiration in writing this was my uncle when he got into a motorcycle accident. It changed all of our lives forever.

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