Holocaust Diary Entries

November 8, 2012
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Dear Diary,

Day 1:
I was told that my family was gonna be moved for safety...but this seems like a strange way to transport people to safety. My husband and daughter were with me at one point but I think they were put into a different cattle car because this one was too full. It’s really stuffy in here and doesn’t have much light. You can barely move. I’m starting to wonder how my baby is doing. Everyone found very little food and water that they left for us to have on our journey and everyone is already fighting over it.
Day 2:
I still have no food and I can hear a baby crying. It sounds just like my little girl, but I can’t tell whether it’s coming from the inside of my car or the next one over. Yesterday everyone had no worries at all, now there are only a few people who are starting to get a little crazy. I thought it would have taken more time than this to go crazy, but maybe that’s just me.
Day 3:

It’s the third day of my journey and we have had no sign of getting any more food or water. The people that were crazy have quieted down. I can’t tell if they are sane again, just asleep from exhaustion, or dead. It’s Starting to smell since there is no way of showering. I’m getting a little weak from standing so much and the lack of food and water, Although Shockingly I found enough crumbs to last me a little longer that weren’t contaminated from the feces and urine.
Day 4:

I recently heard a man say that he is suppose to be going to a work camp to help with the war. I’m confused as to where we are really going but I am sure he is just mistaken or misheard what they told him. I finally was able to sleep last night for the first time in days, but the strange part was I think I passed out but somehow stayed standing, is it really that packed in here? There is a woman next to me who is frightened. I have asked her what she was so worried about and she said that she was worried that she would never see her husband again because was taken into another car. I just told her that I was sure she would see him again because my husband and baby are in another car too.
Day 5:
I’m getting weaker by the hour, with strangely no food or water, it is hard to keep standing and stay awake and keep my sanity. So many people have already lost their mind, an I don’t want to be one of them. It scares me to try and figure out what they could be thinking right now. They could be thinking the worst, yet somehow I still have good thoughts about this.
Day 6:

A smell has completely consumed what was left of the good breathing air we had. It kind of smells like someone has given up on their hope to live. The woman next to me has been complaining, for a few hours of weakness, and she decided to take a nap because she was really tired, but she has been asleep for a while now. I have seen many people take naps and have been asleep for a while. I have no one to talk to right now to keep my sanity.
Day 7:

I feel the weakest I have ever felt, but I try to stay as positive as possible, and I keep thinking of the day I will see my baby again. The smell of death has gotten a lot stronger, and the woman next to me still isn’t awake. I keep telling myself that she is just asleep because she was the only thing that helped me keep my sanity besides my baby. No one really needs bathrooms anymore because we have had nothing to eat or drink. The past 6 days the floor has been our bathroom. The few crumbs I found days ago somehow have still saved me from death.
Day 8:
I’m feeling extremely weak but I can see the end of my journey. This will be my last journal entry for a while because I am going to make up for the time I lost with my child. As I’m getting closer to the end the smell of death is getting stronger and stronger but soon that smell will be left behind me. Soon I wont feel weak because they should have plenty of food and water. I can’t wait to see her again.

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