The Assasination of Abraham Lincoln

October 12, 2012
By Jimmy Sicila BRONZE, Roslyn Heights, New York
Jimmy Sicila BRONZE, Roslyn Heights, New York
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The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

“What are we going to do now?” sobbed Mary in total shock of the tragic ending of her son’s life.
“I guess we should move on.” said Lincoln with a tear in his eye running down his face with a voice deep and depressed.
The story begins when a tragic death of William Lincoln which happened at the same time the war was hitting the halfway point. Of course the second half of the war is the most brutal so the times for the Lincoln family couldn’t get any worse.
“The battle down in Chattanooga is getting tough. I don’t know how much more I can take from this war,” said Lincoln as he brought his exhausted body to a collapse.
Lincoln and his wife were upset about the passing of their child and they really needed support or a break. They decided that they should go to New York for a little vacation. When they were about to leave a terrible calamity happened.
The southerners were getting closer and closer the Washington D.C. and if they got there it would be over for the North. The town folk were begging for Lincoln to stay and fix the problem. Sure enough Lincoln had no choice. This really upset his wife.
“Why does this happen to us? Why can’t we be just left alone and go on a vacation away from this place?” asked Mary who was ready to have a mental breakdown.
“This war will affect our future and if we don’t fix this problem then we would lose this war. After we find a way to fix this problem I promise we will leave here and go somewhere special.” said Lincoln.
Lincoln and the General were coming up with strategies and after Months of preparation and ideas the South had already reached Washington.
“It isn’t too late! Gather up all the men! This is going to make History!” shouted the general.
All the men moved to the streets and there were southerners everywhere.
“Time to clean this mess up!” shouted a solider
This battle lasted for a good chunk of 1863 at least 7 months and it was just a brutal battle. Eventually the southern troops retreated to a southern state. Thousands died, thousands were wounded and only hundreds survived. 10,000 of the finest and bravest soldiers and only the south were outnumbered, at the end of this battle the union won. This truly was the turning point of the war. At this time more and more battles were forming. From state to state there were problems and problems that only Lincoln can fix and matters became bad to worse.
“I can’t believe how many problems this war is bringing me.” Lincoln said in an exhausted tone.
“I say we drop the problems and go up north and live a nice and normal vacation.” said Mary.
Lincoln growing tired by the second responds in a cranky tone raising his voice with frustration.
“I told you that we can’t leave problems like this alone you have to fix them.”
Mary growing frustrated too and talks back
“Well you know what? I am going on vacation by myself without you.”
“Fine Go Ahead! Maybe I will get some work done!”
With a tear in her eye she left. Lincoln didn’t mean a word he said but he was so exhausted he didn’t know what he was really saying. It was like everything he was doing was part of a bad dream.
The year was going by as fast as a snail moving through the Sahara desert. So did the next year. It was like the little energy Lincoln had vanished and instead of having the energy of a 40 year old man. He had the energy of a 75 year old man. He was over worked, over tired, and overheated with the amount of pressure he was under. It was like the life he had was slowly vanishing. Of course we all know it was.
It was 1865, Lincoln was reelected into office and he only did so his country wouldn’t be taken over by someone who would ruin this wartime spent and brings back the slavery. On April 14, 1865 Lincoln and his wife Mary went to celebrate by going to a play. It was 10:10, 5 minutes left until tragedy strikes. A man named John Wilkes Booth prepares himself making sure his gun was in working order and that his co-workers were ready to give him the information of where Lincoln is. They tell him and he goes up the stairs to the Balcony the time struck 10:15. BANG! Screaming, yelling. Everyone couldn’t believe what happened. The shot went through the skull and Lincoln was unable to move.
“Who got shot? Who got shot?” screamed the audience with a terrified curiosity.
William Seward yelled in shock. “Lincoln was shot! Lincoln was shot! Someone get a doctor!”
Booth was looking to shoot Seward but something seemed wrong. He was supposed to be told to shoot but his co-workers didn’t answer. He called out and noticed they left. Like a bird of some sort he jumped off the balcony and was badly injured but somehow kept going. It must have been all the chaos and adrenaline to allow him to get away.
There were 4 people injured during the shot. John Wilkes Booth and his co-workers were eventually caught and sentenced to death and poor Mary was left alone. Lincoln was rushed outside across the street. He was with a doctor who had been there and couldn’t save him. Abraham Lincoln had died the next morning at 7:22am, April 15th 1865. The Lincoln family stopped right there at the hospital. Just think without all the stress and without all of the work that they wouldn’t have gone to that theater and the country would very different today. I can’t imagine what the Lincoln family could have done with the efforts they gave. We might have been in slavery to this day without Abraham Lincoln. That’s why we honor the union and all the soldiers and also Abraham Lincoln for all that they have risked.

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