The old scar left behind...

October 11, 2012
By Anonymous

Sophie was going downstairs to the kitchen of her home not knowing what was going to slap her hard in the face as soon as she got there. It was 1348 and all over the world people were catching the Black Plague like a house fire and unfortunately most people weren’t lucky to survive, however somehow a few did but it was very rare. Some of the things that Sophie had to witness in this time was heartbreaking. They’re would be places in town where they would have fire pits and places where people would have to burn the deceased so that the plague didn’t have to spread as bad it did. Imagine having to see people you knew all your life living in your town being burned to ashes not looking back some even Children and babies.

Once she got to the kitchen something was extremely wrong and downright strange. Both her parents Norman and Katherine were hysterically crying tears rushing out like a fast moving river never stopping. She never seen her parents cry before like this especially in front of me. What’s even stranger is that her brother Stephan wasn’t downstairs. Normally he’s an Early Bird and is already up even before her parents. Where is he?

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