Willy's Finds Love in WWII

October 11, 2012
By Buddah Sclecely BRONZE, Roslyn, New York
Buddah Sclecely BRONZE, Roslyn, New York
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“Willy!” Captain Smiggel shouts, “Wake up, time for boot camp”. I jump out of my bed, quickly putting on my uniform, while clenching my fists. Ever since I got drafted to this crappy war, I have hated every day since. Waking up at 7AM every day, barely eating, it truly is hell. Patriotisms they tell me, “Do it for America! Do it for your country!” well screw that. Screw America. Believe me, after these 6 months I’m out of here. Back to my family and my girlfriend, if they are still even there by the time I get back. The only good thing about this is my captain, Captain Smiggel, but he lets us call him Captain Alex, but can you blame him? Rushing out the door, I realize I forgot my hat. I run back in and grab it. And that’s another thing. These uniforms… Are they that necessary…? “Willy! We just started get your ass over here!” shouts Colonel Wilson. “I’m coming sir!” That was another thing I hated about this place… Almost everyone of a high rank is bossy and commanding, give us a break already won’t you? “Alright. Now that everyone is here, let’s begin.”…
“Soldiers, before we get to our basic drills, I would just like to inform everyone on what plan we are working on now,” Captain Alex said, shaking and quivering while he talked, “It is called D-Day. Now, D-Day is a bunch of operations. The main operation, Operation Neptune, is when we are going to land in Normandy. We will parachute out, and hope for the best.” Alex seemed to go on forever about this, I was only half paying attention. Were probably all going to die anyway, so what is the point? “Alright, now that that is cleared up, let’s go into our drills.”

As were walking to our training area, everyone is talking about this “D-Day” thing. Mostly everyone is excited except me, and my best friend here, Joe. “Stupid plan, isn’t it Willy?” “You don’t even know Joe. This plan is a bunch of garbage, were going to die when we parachute out anyways.” Joe punches me in the arm, I could barely feel it. “Whatcha do that for Joe?” “Stop being so damn negative about everything. We won’t die. We will make it back to our family’s.” “Ah, don’t be so sure about that.” There is no doubt in my mind that we are going to die. Landing in Normandy… Where the Axis is stationed… How could this plan be any worse? “Willy, Joe, get over here now!” Yelled Colonel Wilson, “Oh yeah. And Willy, I want to have a word with you in my office. I will be there in a minute. Wait for me.”
As I make my way to Wilsons office, I see Jane, the main nurse here. She is beautiful. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen. My whole body shaking, I walk over to her. “H-Hi Jane.” “Oh hey… James?” “Willy. The name is Willy.” “Oh hey Willy, I’m so sorry. I don’t have my… Um… Glasses on.” I can tell she was making a dumb excuse. Probably every guy here wants to talk to her, being the most attractive women here. “Oh no, that’s alright. I was just thinking… Do you…” “Willy! Get in my office NOW.” Of course… Just as I was about to ask her on a date… “Hey Jane, I got to go. Can you wait here for me while I talk to Wilson? I wanted to ask you something.” “I’m sorry Willy, but duty calls. I’ll talk to you later, ok?” “Sure… Alright…”

As I walk into Wilsons office, I see many random trinkets everywhere, “So Willy. I have been wanting to talk to you for a while now.” I could barely hear him, I was too busy looking around this room, “Willy!” he shouted, “Huh, what?” “God damn Willy, can’t you ever focus, just for once?” “I’m sorry Wilson. I mean sir!” “No respect either. Anyway. Ever since you got here, you have been dreading this place. What don’t you realize. You are defending your country, the place where you were born in raised. Do you want to fight for Hitler and Himmler?” “No sir. I don’t. Not at all.” I can tell he is trying to scare me, I am good at reading people. But nothing at this dump will scare me. “Then put more effort in to this! Would you rather die a horrible death, or go back to your beautiful girlfriend. I know you’re planning to marry her Willy, I know a lot about you. I know a lot about everyone” He pulled the one card that will get me… My girlfriend. I have known her ever since seventh grade. She has been my best friend for all this time, and I am in love with her. “That one got you, didn’t it Willy. I’m sorry boy, but some things have to be done.” “Its alright sir. I understand.” “Alright Willy, get back to training.”

“Alright soldiers. Now that Willy is done with his meeting, let me go into a little bit more detail about what we are going to be doing. Tomorrow, each and every one of you will be going on a plane, and be parachuted out into Normandy. Now let me give you all your assignments.” Alex goes up and down the rows, giving everyone their chopper assignment, “Willy, you’re with me. Flight A-42.” “Alright sir.” Thank god. I was on the same plane as Captain Alex. My best friend here. Alex continues going through the lines to give everyone their assignments. “Alright, now let’s do our basics.”


“Alright everyone. Training is over. Now get a good night rest, were boarding the planes in the morning.” Phew. Thank god that is done. I am drenched in sweat from my head to toes. “Hey, Willy!” “Oh what’s up Joe.” “Nothing much, what’s wrong with you?” “I guess nothing. I’m kind of over reacting a little. I was going to ask Jane out before, but I didn’t get time to because Wilson called me into his office.” “Jane? Boy, she is way out of your league.” “Shut up Joe, you’re no better.” “Ha ok. So, what plane are you on?” “I’m on A-42, with Smiggel.” “Aw, lucky. I am on B-22 with Victor.” Victor is the most disgusting person at this place. Every morning when I see him, he smells like vile, and he has stuff all over his face from last night’s dinner. “Ha! Sucks for you.” “Haha real funny. Alright well Im going to go to bed, I’ll catch you tomorrow before we board.” “Alright Joe, I’ll see you later.”

Wilsons talk didn’t really affect me much. The only thing it did to me was make me upset for a little bit. My girlfriend has probably cheated on me three times over anyway. I mean, I am chasing after Jane, so I cannot really blame her. “Willy!” “Jane?” “Hey Willy, I am sorry about yesterday, but I had to run. Want to talk?” “Sure. And I’m sorry as well, you know captains these days. Always taking everything too seriously.” “Hey, I wouldn’t say that. They are just really patriotic about their country. I mean, they joined the war by choice not a draft.” Great… Jane has the complete opposite outlook than I have on this war. “Yeah, well… Hey I was just wondering. Do you want to…” “Jane! What are you doing! You know you were supposed to be inside over 20 minutes ago.” “I’m sorry! I’m coming now! I’m sorry Willy, I have to go again.” “Oh… It’s no problem…” Jane reaches over me and gives me a kiss on the cheek. “Bye Willy!”

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