35 year war

October 10, 2012
By Anonymous

As I peered over the stump telling my men to flank them from the west I hoped that not many of the men we had been traveling with. I had almost been shot when a bullet just heaped over my head. As we were moving in my men were brave and only one or two had been killed I had no fear that we lose the battle neither did my men. I hadn’t fired my weapon in 35 years I had been afraid after I was shot 35 years ago in the leg. I loved being a soldier in the army fighting for my country was the one thing I enjoyed doing in my life. In my 55 years of life I had never found someone to love and never had a family I was always alone, as soon as I was old enough to join the army so I joined, I felt like a nobody so I thought people wouldn’t care if I was dead or not. As I was walking through enemy gunfire a bullet just nipped my shoulder. One of my men at been shot between the eyes he lied right in front of me I had no fear though.

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