Thief King

October 4, 2012
By Eric Ambrus BRONZE, Cincinaty, Ohio
Eric Ambrus BRONZE, Cincinaty, Ohio
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“I, Lord Illin, Lord of Morthal, pledge before the gods to protect the realm as a fair and just king until the day I die.”
“Rise and lead your people as king,” said the preacher waving his arms to the crowd.
As soon as the ceremony on the steps to the red-gold temple ended I had to escort the king, my brother an ill born child, to the small counsel meeting to discuss the rationing of food from this year’s harvest.
“Brother,” Said the king.
“Yes your grace?” I said raising my brow.
“I’m going to make you a lord.”
“Why, you are too kind my grace, but might I ask you why? And where am I to rule?”
“Your are to rule Harrenhal, the most powerful citadel. I’m giving this to you because I need powerful allies and many of the people resent my rule,” The king said, eyes void of emotion as if he look right through me.
“As the new Lord of Harrenhal my swords are yours.” I said kneeling and drawing my sword.
On the kings arrival to the meeting Mance the eunuch and Robbert the Master of gold greeted us. I would rather have the castrated man sit at his place of guard, though my brother says he knows every thing.
“Greetings lords I trust you have good news for me today.”
“We do, but we also have some bad news your grace,” Mance said rising form his seat, bowing to welcome the king.
“Well then spit it out,” The king said red faced holding back is inner monster.
“Your fathers banner men do not support your claim to the throne and think your brother Illin should be in charge.”
“Brother, without the support of those men I’m going to lose the throne within a fortnight. So I need you at wall of the city to call a meeting with the lords to get them to bend the knee to me, or my archers will let loose on them and they will die! And you as well!” The king said nostrils’ flaring and drawing his sword and stabbing it into the table.
That night I tampered with the idea of calling the banner men to fight for me since the King cheated out of the throne. I did what was bid of me and called the banner men to the wall of the city knowing full well it could be my place of death.
“Lords, I ask you to pledge allegiance to my brother. If you do not it will be your deaths and mine as well.”
“Your brother is a mad thief! He cheated in that tourney and shot your horse so he could have the throne. Your father should not have made the prize his throne. You should be king. But for the sake of living we will bend our knees, but we will gather our armies and take the throne from the mad man,” said Lord Tyrell hand gripping the hilt of his sword tight enough that his knuckles were white.
“Fine but I’ll have no part init.”
I left for Harrenhal that morning and arrived in a fortnight. On my arrival, I was welcomed to the sight of the grey tree army of Harrenhal gathered in the yard.
“ My lord, we are ready to march on the mad king so you can take what is yours by right,” said the knight fist to his chest.
“Mine by right? This is mad!” I screamed.
“Pardon my lord? We thought you would fight with your fathers banner men since they are in force and at the gate of Morthal. And since the king trusts you we can walk on in and just take the throne from him,” He said abashed with red cheeks.
“No, we will march to defend the king. Pack the armor and weapons we leave tonight.”

The march took a two fortnights at most but we were there before the banner men arived. I had the commander put in the stocks for false information. We marched in to the keep being welcomed with a feast. I think it was a glorious feast but I became drunk and couldn’t remember. I woke to the sound of war horns and the clang of armor. I called for Podrick my squire. He donned my armor and sword and informed me I was to report to the king on the outer wall. I arrived to a spectacle of rage.
“ Their armies gather after they gave me their allegiance! I here by damn you to the darkest levels of hell!” The king said as he grabbed my armor.
I was throne over the wall. Finally it clicked, my brother was not fit to rule and the banner men follow me, why shouldn’t I take the throne, it was mine by rights and my men are on the inside. This is going to be an interesting fight.

I hit the ground with a blood-curdling crack. It was nothing but a few broken ribs and a long gash at the waist.
“Banner men I plan to take the throne,” I shouted with the last of my breath.
And with that I commanded the sixty thousand men, twice what is needed to take the keep. The battering ram rammed at the gate hitting it relentlessly until my men had learned that I commanded the banner men and opened the gates.
We stormed the outer rim of the city killing every one until we were drenched in blood killing one man after another. We quickly learned that the king wanted us to do that when the jade fire shrilled as it started spreading through the blood lighting my men like dried grass and my numbers started to dwindle.
“We need to ram the next gate now!” I screamed, thinking Oh gods we are going to die from the wrath of Hel.
When my commander shouted something and my men started to kill some men of mine men to make a line to the gate to let the jade fire burn it down instead. After ten minutes the gate reduced to ash as our trebuchets launched burning pitch and the keep nonstop to burn some of his men to even the score. We reached the third ring of Morthal only to find it completely on fire with spike traps everywhere. The sight was horrendous site burning corpses, impaled men with spikes cutting them in half as they fell the place smelled of rotting flesh and death.
We reached the inner keep and stared killing every one in site. This is the day I become king. This is the day the king of thieves’ dies. We cut our way straight to the king. We reached him in the corner wall behind the throne.
“You die today, not as a brother, not as a king, but as a thief, the king of thieves’.” I shoved my dagger right through the terrified skull of the man and took my seat on my throne as he bled out.

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