Haunting of a dead one

August 25, 2012
By AmeliaJane SILVER, Csd, New York
AmeliaJane SILVER, Csd, New York
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The whispers stopped when they saw me coming, the eerie silence echoed in the background as my footsteps got a little quieter with all eyes on me. “Someone died,” slips out while they all gasp in horror as though I am a ghost. However; in many ways I am, I am haunted by my sisters ghost and the horror on the face when the rope tightened around her neck. They claimed her heart was not pure, that the hand of dark magic twisted around it to pollute the blood pulsing through her veins. My sister was not a witch but I would stop at nothing to have their blood on my hands. I liked the colour red, so I let it pour down the streets of London.

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Double Agent said...
on Sep. 4 2012 at 5:05 pm
I liked this story because it is very gripping with a great hook.I also found it disturbing.The ending wants you to read more


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