Answers Found, But Questions Changed

July 6, 2012
By ashleystaubin BRONZE, Burnsville, Minnesota
ashleystaubin BRONZE, Burnsville, Minnesota
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The Stevens family had been very secretive lately, especially towards Megan, the youngest and most oblivious child to all the problems that had been swirling around her for months, brewing alone was a secret kept for over 4 years. To Megan, this information had come to her as a complete shock. The truth finally came out, her middle brother was gay. She had always thought of her family as a typical American family. They didn’t eat dinner together every night, but when they did it was quality time together, the siblings didn’t always get along so smoothly, but that never lasted for long. The fact that her brother had kept this secret from their family four entire years completely blew Megan’s mind. The one thing that made her angry was that when her parents found out they didn’t tell her for 2 weeks, and then they lectured her about not hiding anything! The information was just really overwhelming towards her and that was why when the words first seeped out of them hot, fat tears rolled down her face. In no way was it because he was gay, it was just the element of surprise that really got her going. All she worried about in life was getting accepted, and now she learns he could never feel the relive of being accepted and she just couldn’t handle it. Minutes after this news, she ran down and straight out the door, on the way down the stairs she met her brother though, and they shared a moment. The look in his eyes told her everything, it said,” I know why you are leaving, and trust me it won’t help at all”. But she could care less, after taking all of this in Megan really needed a lot of time by herself to think this over, and right now her house felt as if it was getting smaller and smaller hoping to make her a claustrophobic as possible. Megan thought she had all the answers, but all the cards changed before she could get a handle on them.

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