Work and War and Love

June 13, 2012
By turtlemaster17 BRONZE, Southbury, Connecticut
turtlemaster17 BRONZE, Southbury, Connecticut
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Work and War and Love

The morning sun rises up against the building filling the streets just as the millions of people will do shortly. New York City is waking up and the lives of all the residents will be shook for years to come. One man in particular finds himself in a good mood, he feels awake and ready for work, but little does he know he will be a hero in a few short days. His name is Juxton Farwealth, a business man, ex-All American football player at Syracuse University. A man many wish to be, he lives a life of luxury and wealth. But his greatest accomplishment is only hours away.

On September 11, 2001 Mr. Farwealth entered the world trade center subway at 9:45 as always and was eating his daily blueberry muffin and coffee from the bakery near his house. He sat there untill about 10:10 and moved into the elevator to go to his top floor of his offices in which he worked. As he reached the floor he was on he had realized he was supposed to meet a man named Mr. Tony Prisco. So he went back down to the bottom ground floor and waited. Just as the men shook hands, they both made a comment about the extremely loud train coming in, boom, the first airplane of the 9-11 attacks had struck. They ran to a closet and took cover; they noticed banking materials and a trade book were there. They could hear the screams and the yells, the pain and worry from the running people. They sat and waited as one thing after another fell upon on them. They had been lucky and were in one of the basement level money control rooms. They were lucky the crash shook the system and allowed them to creep in.

The cement walls and extra guard material in the room allowed for a great safe heaven, one they could only have found by chance and hope. After they hear the last brick fall they try to push the door open, between two men they could only move the door 6 inches to see what had happened. They realized the devastation that had happened, the building had collapsed. They both stayed calm, almost too calm, Mr. Farwealth knew they had to get moving and should try and rise from the piles death and destruction.

Once again they push and shake the door moved it another6 inch’s, just big enough for them to slide through, then they saw what had held the door closed, a group of people, 2 men and one woman dressed in suits, held the door closed with their dead weight. Juxton could feel his life fall into a living hell. Like no feeling of sorrow or fear he had felt before. His thoughts ran wild and his anger racing through his body, he pushed a huge cement block to the side and walked on. It was almost out of a movie. The cement had fallen on to a little walk way. He could hear small cries for help through each wall. All of which would take little time to stop. They hear a woman crying a short distance away and they run to help her, they see no bruises or bumps, they wonder how, then she just points, her husband clearly had helped, it looked as though he pushed her out the way.
His last living move and he saved his wife, he had been crushed, only his shoulders and only arms available to see. Juxton walked over and removed his wedding band, and placed it in her hand. They knew it had been a long time and Mr. Farwealth said “Its 5 o’clock, we need to rest.” The woman lies in her tears, those only read about in bad love stories, her eyes red and hurting with dust she begins to fall asleep, Juxton stays awake just in case, his adrenaline is still creating a huge energy serge began. His life as he thought was going to end in this cruel unsatisfying way, the cold was overcoming his rage now. Just as the cold came in; his life seemed to do the same. His eyelids flicker and he falls asleep.

The three of them woke up to a huge smash, cement ceiling falling, the floors rumbling, they heard voices, Juxton runs to wake the woman and Mr. Farwealth. They all start to yell, the group begin to hear a voice saying, “it will all be okay, your safe now, is anyone hurt?” all they replied in unison, as if rehearsed, “No , thank you for saving us!” The woman turns and says to Juxton, “Thank you for saving me as well, you could have left me in my tears, thank you.”

As they are repelled to the freedom of the light, as ascending to the heavens would feel, they get a warm welcome and cup of coffee. They each sit in a tent getting checked out and Juxton looks at the woman, and realizes he doesn’t even know her name. He walks over and asks, “I’m so sorry for waiting so long to ask, but what is your name?” she simply replies Samantha, her cheeks turn red and she gives a slight giggle that turned into a cough from all the dust. Juxton tells her his name and they begin to talk about their lives and her husband’s death. They seemed okay now. He walks back to his seat and they make eye contact once again. A spark has been lit and they both feel the warmth inside their bodies.

In the months to come interviews take over, few survivors are alive and many people are looking to them and how they didn’t get hurt, they tell the three stories almost in a surreal sense. The pair lost contact after a year, and then came the reunion at the site. Juxton sees her, now relaxed and more beautiful than ever. He looks to Samantha and winks. Not the, it’s okay wink, but the, I’m flirty and I know it one. She giggles; he moves towards her, they begin to rekindle their thoughts on what had happened. He asks her to a fancy restaurant and she simply replies yes, he’s very taken back and hoped for little more enthusiasm but he seems happy she will go. The friends depart from the reunion and they both go to their respected housing to get ready for their date.

Juxton and Samantha meet Le Chapeau, fine dining at its best, French food, fine wine and a great atmosphere. He greets her at the door like a puppy waiting for its owner after work, happy and smiling Mr. Juxton feels something new yet, not quite sure what it is. The hostess says, “Juxton party of 2, please follow me.” They follow just as any other couple, one man recognizes Juxton from work and they talk for about 1 min, he apologizes to Samantha and they sit down at the table looking into each other eyes. They both know what they feel now. Juxton is a believer in fate and love. She seems to be the same type of person. The waitress approaches the table and asks, “What would this lovely couple like for a starter or drink?” they both blush and realize what has happened. Juxton orders a bottle of Dom Champagne. This would not be there last meal together.

They get there food and sit and talk for hours, they have now spent four hours on dinner and not a moment wasted of it. The survivors realize they have common feelings on topics such as politics and religion, life and family, there minds seem to almost Balance one another, and the two of them finish their thoughts and sentences of each other. They know what has happened. They have fallen for the other across the table and neither wants to leave. Juxton offers her to come over and she is delighted to. The beginning for them has just started and their future looks brighter than ever.

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