The Birth and Gifts of Anthronines (Prequal to Leyulf)

June 14, 2012
By TheGoodLeftUndone BRONZE, Live Oak, Texas
TheGoodLeftUndone BRONZE, Live Oak, Texas
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The Great Gods were the three main gods that ruled over the rest of the gods who all watched over their people.
Aynsen, the wolf was best known for his 'battle helmet' marking on his head which no Anthronine could ever bear. He was the father of family, battle, and swiftness.
Furris, the tiger was known for her magnificent golden-white coat under nigh-black stripes. Her coat was never matched by any mortal Anthronine's. She was the mother of love, stealth, and mortality.
The third of the three was Litus, the bear. He was a regal panda with curving marks that became extinct to even normal pandas. He was the giver of wisdom, strength, and healing.
Together they created a balance and ruled the other gods, animals of all kinds.

One day Aynsen was hunting with his brother wolves (mortal wolves). He was, like all gods, larger and more regal than the mortal wolves. They were trailing a large stag when he heard a cry. It was his job to protect humans, but not interfere it the natural course of life.
Aynsen followed the sound, leaving his brother wolves to finish the hunt. He stopped at the edge of a small village. The cry rang out again, pained and pleading. It was followed by a harsh grunt. He was starting to worry that he wouldn't be able to make his way to the crying human when a slender, pale woman tumbled from the entrance of one of the huts. She was followed by a large man who grqbbed her by her long, curly hair. She yelpped as she was draggeded back, her golden brown hair becoming a trap.
Aynsen didn't think, he vaulted himself onto the woman's attacker and crushed him beneath his paws. He stared in horror at what he had done, but he knew there was no use in morning or fretting. He had to leave. He had murdered a human from Furris's village. It was her sole responsibility to protect it. She would be infureated, but he couldn't leave the stunned woman he had defended. He looked into her round, brown eyes and felt his heart jerk. Aynsen stole her away and hid for a long time from the other gods.
The woman bore Aynsen a daughter who was found to have the ability to shift between a white wolvf and a normal, curly haired little girl. She was of two years of age when Furris found them.
She was seeking vengeance for her murdered lover. She had bore his sons only days after his murder and the villagers had told her of Aynsen's trechery. She had been tracking him ever since.
Furris knew she could not kill a god, so she settled for Aynsen's daughter. Aynsen's mate jumped to her daughter's defence and died instantly. Furris left Aynsen and his daughter to mourn.
Aynsen returned to his home with the gods with his daughter, Nislu.
Furris and Aynsen forever hated eachother, and wars broke out constantly. Litus bred with a human to bring his offspring to help stop the fighting, but Furris's and Aynsen's children and grandchildren had created a large, growing pack and pride that fought for Aynsen and Furris. They were soon forced to leave the Home of the Gods and they lived on Earth as a species known as Anthronines. As the species got larger and larger, they divided into more packs and prides and the bears spread out, soon anthronines populated the whole Earth.
As the generations past the hated the prides and packs share never died, and Aynsen and Furris watched as their kin died everyday. They begun to send gifts to their kin to help them fight and survive better, incredible powers. But the bearers of these gifts didn't know how to use them and killed many by mistake. The horror they caused made them hated by Anthronines, and they were named 'anthrowrathnines' , for the wrath they brought. Anthrowrathnines were hunted and killed and driven away, but they never really died out.
Even today, Anthrowrathnines are driven away and killed, but many live amount Anthronines secretly, others have banned together as their own packs and prides, but a prophecy foretells of Aynsen and Furris joining their kind to bring an end to the war raging between them.
I pray the day will come soon, for i cannot bear to see another of my kind die. My beta, Devil will take over my pack soon, for my time has nearly come, but I have a feeling he won't be alpha for long. I hope my pack's end is far from today, that Aynsen will arrive and save us all, but for now, we can do nothing but fight.

The author's comments:
This is a really rough story and more will be coming soon, maybe when i'm not rushed, but this is the background story to my coming novel, leyulf.

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