May 14, 2012
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Tupac and his crew exited the doors of the boxing arena into the crowded lobby of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Images still in Tupac’s head of Mike Tyson knocking out Bruce Seldon left him fired up and ready for a long night of partying. Tupac was looking for somewhere to drink and party like the rock star he had become, and Death Row Club 662 was the place it was going to happen. As Tupac walked through the lobby a member of his entourage spotted a Southside Crip named Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson and quickly alerted Tupac. At first a confused Tupac reached into his memory and tried to make a connection with the name, finally he did. Earlier that year, Anderson and a group of Crip’s had robbed a member of the Death Row entourage in a Foot Locker store. Immediately knowing what he had to do, Tupac, his manager Suge Knight, and his entourage, attacked Anderson, brutally punching and kicking his body and face in retaliation. Knowing if they continued the fight too long security would take charge Tupac and his crew ran out the MGM Grand and fled the scene in his manager’s 1996 black BMW sedan.

The car drove down Las Vegas Blvd, the bass bumping so loud it set off a minimum of three car alarms per block. The crew was ready for night on the town but the club was a 20-minute drive and traffic was backed up like a line at the DMV. The car pulled to a stop at a red light, Tupac rolled down his window to get some fresh air but was blind sided by the red and yellow flash of a photographers camera. Tupac then began cursing at the photographer telling him to shove the camera up his a** before the light turned green and they drove off. Tupac was p*ssed about the little yellow dot the flash left in his eye but little did he know that that picture would be the last photo ever taken of him. They continued driving, blasting their music as loud as their ears could take it. Suddenly a flash of yellow and red lights followed by a loud siren appeared behind them, they were being pulled over. The car became silent as they pulled to the side of the road. Tupac was silent as the police officer approached their vehicle. He wondered what they had done wrong and if they were going to be in trouble. The officer quickly recognized Tupac and paid his respect as a fan. He told them they were pulled over for not having a license plate and playing their music too loud. After finding the plates in the trunk of the car and agreeing to turn down there music they were sent free. They were back on the road and headed for the club. It was already eleven and they were ready to get there night started.

They were about ten minutes away from their destination when they came to a stoplight and Tupac spotted two sexy girls in the car next to him. He rolled down the sunroof and stood up on the seat clear through the roof of the car. He began flirting with the star struck girls and invited them to the club; of course they said yes to the young rap star, then he gave them the address and sat back down in his seat. Everything was going perfectly. They were on their way to a club, to party, with lots of girls and lots of alcohol. They were a block away when they came to a stoplight. Tupac stared down the busy cross street looking at all the cars go by, then noticed a crowded hot dog stand, and one old lady sitting at the bus stop. He began to fall into a daydream when his vision became blocked when a white four door sedan pulled up the to the right side of their vehicle. He didn’t think much of it; but as he turned away, he saw the window of the car next to him begin to roll down its window and he continued to watch out the corner of his eye. Before he knew it he saw a hooded man, then rounds of bullets were fired into his side of the car. The semi automatic machine gun so close it sounded like fireworks were exploding right next to Tupac’s face. He suddenly felt a sharp pain stab into his chest like a knife followed by another in the shoulder, two in his hip and one in the hand. All he could feel was death lifting his soul into the air as his body lay sagging in the seat. He felt nothing, he heard nothing, he couldn’t taste nor smell but yet he knew he was alive. The thought of his mother seemed so real he could have only been alive to see them and in fact he was, he had survived several surgeries including the removal of his left lung but has hanging on by only threads. The day his mother decided to pull the plug, Tupac lay their motion less, eyes open but seeming to stair at nothing. Tupac died that day taking those last images of his mother with him, the legend died but the legacy he left will be with fans for eternity.

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