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Wisedom and Love

May 14, 2012
By SweetDarkness PLATINUM, Merced, California
SweetDarkness PLATINUM, Merced, California
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Favorite Quote:
"After rain comes a rainbow."
"All we can do is hope for a better tomorrow."
"An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind." -Gandhi
"an illusion can only last so long before it gives up its secrets."

“My name is Arthur. I am thirteen years old and I live in Cornwall England. Even though I am only thirteen Merlin, my guardian and personal wizard, believes that I will someday be crowned King Arthur. Supposedly this can only happen after I become a matured man.. Though he never makes sense and gives me a bunch of chores at the end of the day, Merlin turns out to be very philosophical. Then there’s me, though I hate to admit it, a youth full of belligerence. I feel so pressured since everyone expects me to do so well in life. All because Merlin had to spill his belief about my future. I feel as if the world is out to get me.”
Ignorant you are,
But henceforth shall no longer be.
Less you wish to remain in the class of the Aves,
Lost and alone, taking refuge in caves.

This was written on the note in Arthur’s claws when he awoke, as a bird, locked in a cage. Next to hI'mwas a sound asleepp merlin. Snoring lightly, he appeared to be dead.

“Whoa! What?” Sleepily and frightened by Arthur’s voice he unlocked the cage.

“Why did you do this to me? What is the means of this iniquity?” Arthur was infuriated.

“It simply means that wisdom and love will lead you through life. “Merlin said.

”Lead me through life? That’s what you’re for!”

“No lad I did not teach you to be irresponsible and I most definitely didn’t teach you to yell at me. I have been nothing but patient with you and evidently, it has done nothing for you.”

“So you turn me into a pigeon?” Arthur said sarcastically.


“What?” Arthur had not heard what Merlin said.

“You are a falcon Lad.”
Wanting to stomp out of the room, Arthur unknowingly flew off. Once he realized that he was flying he went out of an open window.
*He cannot catch me if I stay in the sky or go high up into a oak.*
With that thought he flew off, slowly becoming lost. By the second third hour, he realized that he should fly into a cave for refuge. For an instant he thought back to Merlin’s riddle. Unfortunately the cold and cobwebbed cave was all he could improvise for shelter; That was until Merlin came and found hI'mto take hI'mhome.
“Lad? Laddy? Wake up and come along.” Merlin shook Arthur gently.
“I’m not asleepp,” Arthur didn’t want Merlin to think he needed his forgiveness, “Why should I go with you anywhere? You turned me into a bird.”
“You can change back. Once you learn the lesson.”
“Why won’t you just do it now?”
“Because I cannot Lad. Only you can now.” Merlin was speaking calmly, as usual, so Arthur could better understand what he was saying.
“What do you mean? What lesson?”
“Wisdom and love will lead you through life.”
“Argh! Why do you keep saying that? Merlin I ought to-”
“Come Lad and let me explain the quest that has fallen upon you.”
*More like the one you dropped on me.*
As they walked back to their logged cabin, Arthur on Merlin’s shoulders, Arthur was told of why he was a bird and how he can turn himself back into a normal boy. Arthur needed to be taught how to obtain wisdom and how to love by someone who was his own age. This lesson, once passed, would help hI'mget closer to becoming a man.
“The only problem you have with obtaining the lesson is only having two more days after tonight to complete it. Otherwise you remain-”Arthur cut Merlin off.
“A flying rodent.”
“A falcon.”
“Elane can help you. Go to the pond were the pigeons land for their brunch.”
“Wait who is she?”
By now Merlin was carrying hI'mto the window ready to toss hI'mout.
“Merlin! I’m a talking bird! What will she say?”
“She will know.” Merlin was surprisingly calm which infuriated Arthur. Merlin threw hI'mout of the window and by instinct Arthur began to fly.
*Whistle! Whistle! Whistle!*
"Come on guys, chow time"
Elane was feeding the birds. Arthur slowly approached eating before talking to her. He was starving having not eaten all day.
"My, aren't you a pretty falcon. I don't see too many of you around here." Elane spotted Arthur.
"Oh. Uhm. That's because I'm not a falcon."
Once he spoke, frightening them, the birds all flew away. Now it was just the two of them.
"So you're not a falcon and you can talk. How is Merlin these days?" Elane did indeed posses wisdom.
"How did you know that? About Merlin I mean." Arthur, however, did not.
"He's my great-great uncle."
At this, Arthur looked up into Elane's big, brown eyes and saw a magnificent beauty that stung hI'min his heart and gave hI'mbutterflies in his stomach. He just stared blankly.
"Do i have something on my face?" Elane felt uncomfortable.
"No! No. It's beautiful."
"Excuse me?"
"Umm! Nothing!" Arthur was embarrassed that he had even said that and wondered why he did.
"So what brings you to the pond?"
"Merlin said you could teach me wisdom and..." he pondered but he hesitated a little too long.
"Wisdom and what?"
"Wisdom and, and then i can be human again." *Whew good save* or so Arthur thought. What he did not know was that before Merlin had gone to get hI'mfrom the cave, he paid Elane a visit.
"Elane!" her mother was calling her in for dinner.
"Would you like to stay at my house tonight?"
"Uh sure." for some reason unknown to him, this made Arthur uneasy.

After supper they talked in her room about how she had grown up so fast after her father was killed so she could help her mother run their farm, and how she learned about the society, of Cornwall England, the hard way. Soon after their conversation Arthur eventually realized that Elane was superlative and he even gained a new disposition on life. He obtained wisdom. The following day they were together. Constantly sharing their own stories with one another and bonding. Soon enough it was one again the second fifth hour by the sun and they were enamored with each other. She was feeding the other birds while he sat perched on her shoulder. She looked at hI'mand he looked at her, they both wishing to kiss one another, as he slowly began to take the form of a human boy again. As this happened they half mindedly but full heartedly leaned in to kiss each other. Once they pulled back he was a boy. In unison they said, "I love you."

"Ignorant you were
But are no more
Graduated from the class of the Aves
No longer hidden by the cave
Wisdom and love fill your soul."

The author's comments:
Along with being obsessed with Romeo and Juliet, I was also obsessed with king Arthur at one point in my life. :3

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